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So here we go.

Posted by ActivateWin Saturday June 13 2009 at 1:26AM
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( My first blog ever, gimme a break)


First off let me tell you about me.


Im 24 years old, Ive been playing mmo's since Everquest 1 release. I have played.. Everquest, Lineage II, Dark age of Camelot, City of Heros, City of Villians, Guildwars, Age of Conan, Warhammer online, Lord of the Rings online, Star wars galaxies, Everquest II, World of Warcraft, and various other no-name MMos that are not even worth mention (You know the carbon copy games of other no-name games where its just re-skinned and repackaged for retail.)


I would like to take a second here to pay hommage to everquest I. I can remember when it was refered to as evercrack. Wrong-o. Everquest was more like a gateway drug. Should have been called Everchronic.


So lets get to the business at hand. World of Warcraft. I know, I know.. You've read lots of blogs about dis-illusioned players who hate the game they cant stop playing.. this isnt exactly that. Lately I find myself trying to figure out what the heck keeps me coming back to this game. I started making a mental list and have asked a couple of my IRL buds who also play what they think. This is what we got so far...


Graphics - Not overly done, very smooth.. "cartoonish" When I play video games I could careless if it looks like real life. If I wanted real life I would go down to the swap market and buy me a replica sword and maim something. I dont know about you but I cant stand games that work super hard on their character models, make them shiny realistic and very pointy (poly), instead of working on game play. Bleck.


Interface - World of warcraft has the easiest, simplest game interface. Everything is self explantory, and if not... hey read the tooltip.


Tooltips - WoW does an excellent job of making everything dummy proof.


Camera and movement system - BUMP click to move. I cannot stand click to move games. WASD for life. I believe that when WoW came out they had the most innovative and easy to use camera and movement system. This system I believe was a huge part of their success.


Goal oriented - Theres always something new to go for. I will hate grinding all day for reputation with a particular faction in order to get an item enhancement... but I will do it... know why? Because if I want to raid ill need to have it.


Shts&gigz - Blizz is CONSTANTLY adding new stuff just because. Do I need 50 diffrent kinds of mounts? No... I can only ride one at a time... do I have 50 diffrent mounts? Yes.... because they look cool. UGH!


Content - Ill admit the learning curve is becoming so much easier. Doing alot of the raids in vanilla wow (thats what pro-wowers call original world of warcraft) has made clearing content in the new expansions very easy. Does that stop us from doing it ? No. Because everyone wants epic gear. Do we care that our new epics look exactly like our old epics only a diffrent color? Nope. We want everyone to know we are good players. Blizz is constantly adding new old stuff, and we eat it right up.


Game mechanics knowledge - How do people figure out exactly how much hit rating I need in order to hit bosses 5 levels over me... I dont know, I suck at math. The point is, they know it, they share it, now I know it. The fact that the game mechanics can be found out is HUGE! I feel like I have so much more invested in this game because I know all the mechanics inside and out.


None-Mathematical game mechanics - Stuff like... Tanks holding aggro. I have a clear understanding on how the threat mechanics work for each encounter. How and why a tank holds aggro.


I think these are the major reasons why world of warcraft does so well. I find myself mostly frustrated, bored, or tired of this game, yet I log in every day. I spend hours standing in town looking at my character doing nothing... I hate it... but.. theres nothing else out there. With everyone working on graphics, or improving this that or the other... At the end of the day I think all of us dis-illusioned WoW-ers really need is a game exactly like world of warcraft, only skinned diffrently. Sad but true. I would be happier if it was just like wow, only not wow.


Im rambling...