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Acidon's View

Here you will find my opinion on the state of gaming online. Right or wrong, I give you my view. Game on.

Author: Acidon

Away with you, TL-DR crowd

Posted by Acidon Sunday December 5 2010 at 11:57AM
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Really?  I mean.. Really?

It has become socially acceptable to write "TL;DR" and yet add your input on the subject at hand? Apparently so.  Yes, it sickens me.


Does anyone remember when we didn't have the Internet?  When we relied on local (or distant) BBS's (Computer Bulletin Board Systems) for our "online" communication?  Forum posting was the main activity, as was chatting (especially with the larger BBS's).

I was a SysOp for a modest local BBS with 2 lines.  One line was even 14.4k! woo!  the other line being of course 2400 (i think).  It was called The Reaper's Scythe and I had this wonderful ANSI picture displayed when you logged in.

I first used Telegard and then went to the "hacked" versions of Renegade that started popping up.  Hacked meaning features were added or fixed, not that it was stolen.

Our main form of communication in the "old days" of being online were forum posts for the most part.  Our actual community had a "party line" that had 10 lines that people could log into and chat with 9 others through the hours if you wanted.  That was pretty cool.

Any damn way, what happened?  How did "our" attention spans become so small that we can't even read everything that someone spent writing?

Have a bit of respect if you plan on offering a reply and read what the OP wrote in its entirety.


Here's some advice for you TL;DR crowd...

If you can't take the time to read that was written by the OP, don't bother replying to it. 


What is the point of replying if you're just going to type TL;DR and then offer your uninformed opinion?

Do you really feel that all posts are the same and you can get the "gist" of the post and then offer an informed piece of wisdom in your reply?  Many posts may be similiar, but they are not all the same.


Do the world a favor.  If your post is going to start with "TL;DR", don't bother.  Just move on.  Simple! =)


Please, stop being so lazy.  Please, start to read.  Your brains are rotting and it's effecting those around you.



whilan writes:

It's my feeling that those who do the TL:DR thing are also probably the same ones that don't feel like understanding your opinion.

They see a first few lines and it differs from what they want to hear and they brush the rest of it off and put TL:DR and state how they feel it should be.

Like you said though they miss some of things that was said by the OP and their comment doesn't fit in with the post.

Sadly as we get into an age where everything is faster and now now now. You get people who take less time on things.

It went from letters, to gossip, to posting, to finally texting. Most people are simply not interested enough to read a long post.  Sadly if those same people are not interested enough to know whats going on, they should just move on. As an uninformed post will be immediately corrected if it contradicts or inaccurately addresses what was actually said in the posts.

Sun Dec 05 2010 3:17PM Report
Lentech writes:


Mon Dec 06 2010 6:39PM Report
Reianor writes:

Hmm... for all I know it could be that "your" attention span didn't change at all, just that there are new people with shorter attention span than that of your generation.

Also, things have been said times and again, even during my experience, which I'm guessing is shorter. Most posts essentially ARE the same, that is they all boil down to the same points, the same reasons, the same mistakes... at least for someone who's mind have been on the matter long enough. The actual "set-up" varies a bit from post to post, but rarely enough to compose a new viewpoint.

But with that said, I doubt that anyone who tends to think matters through to that extent would post in such a manner.

And yes, the modern trend to devote so little time for processing incoming information (which is always ample) hurts society more than it thinks... no pun intended...

Wed Dec 08 2010 8:39AM Report
Dawngreeter writes:

TL;DR conveys an important piece of information - the OP was tedious to read. This sentiment may be justified, or it may not be. Just like pretty much anything you write on the subject. But there certainly are examples of huge, boring, illiterate walls of text and informing the author that they are boring is perfectly valid.

Wed Dec 08 2010 10:16AM Report
alix123 writes:

TL;DR could also be an attitude statement.  It has become trendy b/c it expresses nicely the geniune lack of respect that some people feel towards their fellow posters. 

Thu Dec 09 2010 10:36PM Report
dreamscaper writes:

I think it's a matter of the demographics that you're dealing with changing. Up until the mid-90s, the people using network-based services were either tech-savvy, well-educated, or simply interested. As the internet has become accessible to pretty much everyone, it also brings with it the uneducated, the apathetic, and the lazy.


It's simply one of the main drawbacks to working with a larger lay audience.

Fri Dec 10 2010 10:58AM Report
beregar writes:

@Dawngreeter. I mostly disagree. It may have been boring for the person in question but the feeling of "tediousness" is a personal one. If you don't bother reading the original post, how can you provide an informed reply to it? If you are just stating tl;dr without replying anything else then what exactly did you achieve?

It's not like the original poster is going to change their post just because you found it too long. Especially if others found the post informative and short enough. I might see it somewhat justified if it was the only reply to the entire post. Even so I doubt people write it out of kindness to inform the orignal poster.

- B

Sat Dec 11 2010 11:19AM Report writes:
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