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Acidon's View

Here you will find my opinion on the state of gaming online. Right or wrong, I give you my view. Game on.

Author: Acidon

B2P vs P2P vs FTP vs Freemium

Posted by Acidon Saturday September 22 2012 at 1:48AM
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Please tell me that I am not the only one that sees what it going on around here.

GW2 launches and all the sudden I see the same thing popping up all around the 'net.  "P2P is dead, I won't waste money".  Or perhaps my favorite, "With P2P I feel I have to play all the time to get my money's worth".  really?  50 cents a day at the TOP END and you are worried about it being "wasted"?


There are so many people that have already admitted to spending anywhere from $20 on up to more than $200 on gems for GW2.  This is during what would normally be the "Free Month", mind you.  

Do you see what's going on here?  This doesn't even factor in the expansions everyone will be buying to keep their game current.  Gamers are letting liberties slide here.

First argument of course, "Well *I* haven't spent any money on gems".  Well, don't worry, your fellow players have more than made up for that fact.  If you truly feel that GW2 and ANet are doing this for *your* benefit, I implore you to think  about it a bit more.  If this is where the future is heading, I may finally be done with the genre.


I don't make fun of those that vehemently support this.  I feel sorry for them.  That's not a personal attack, it's just how I truly feel.  The more we give in, the worse we will all be for it.  

Every MMO company out there is in the business of making money.  Don't fool yourself.  Anet is no different, and I can imagine them literally laughing all the way to the bank.


I realize this won't be a popular post.  I feel someone had to say it.  And yes, it reminds me of D3 in a way.  I've heard that connection made by others and I certainly don't disagree to an extent.


Play what you like everyone.  Just don't be blind to what's going on.

Lithuanian writes:

p2p is not dead - just MMORPGs are shifting towards freemium (or rather - p2w) model. P2P can mean only one thing: if you want to play - pay in advance and a pity if you don't like our game.

Freemium/p2w solves this problem: if you want to play - do it; if you want to win - you will visit our store. Some games even have almost full f2p (like Istaria: for payment you receive more races and plots:everything else is free) or combined like Lotro (grind for Turbine points and unlock 95% of anything).

The fact is, companies make more $ with freemium than with P2P.  Therefore, shit towards freemium will continue.

Sun Sep 23 2012 10:03AM Report
Eir_S writes: As long as it's not some huge P2W scam, I prefer the B2P model since that's how I always bought games until P2P tried to convince me I needed to shell out money every month in order to continue to use something I paid full price for.  I can play a B2P MMO without having to spend another cent, I don't see the downsides to that. Mon Sep 24 2012 3:49AM Report
StinkFoot writes:

More variety and innovation for the MMO market couldn't have been any better. If it helps some gamers save that monthly "rent" for an MMO they already fully paid for towards something else in these economical times, or the appeal of coming back to a game anytime without loosing their progress or accounts then it's an idea that should be expanded in the game genre. Essentially it's treating a MMO like a console product (Buy once and actually keep the product.)

B2P is the middle-man ground between P2P and F2P. As my experiences from MMO's range from different game-play models ( Both F2P and P2P games throughout the years) B2P is that breath of fresh air that I can buy items through the game without them being the price of the game itself in less than 1 or 2 purchases total in initial cash-grabs. 

There have been P2P games that are essentially treated like F2P with a subscription attatched (Unfixed bugs, spamming of cash-shops, service,ect). A P2P subscription does not nessecarily mean that a game will actually be "good" (I'll use STWOR as an example) in terms for the players, but a garuantee in-come of money for a company whether their game is up to standard of quality expectations or not.

B2P offers micro-transations for item-purchases that aren't expensive or game-breaking P2W's(Micro-transations in-use have been seen on social-virtual environments such as Second-Life) . GW2 is a good example and pioneer of B2P model. I have brought plenty useful items that I would have ended up paying for 1 in a P2P game . These weren't junk items(which F2P games often have) but were items that added to my experience in the game.

B2P places the desicion of spending up to the players where they have a choice of paying for a game they like or don't like. P2P asks for continious payments ontop of the down-payment(the initial box purchase) in-order to continue playing the game, whether the player likes it or not.

There are no lock-outs in B2P's so the choice ultimately is in the hand of the players.

Mon Sep 24 2012 8:27AM Report
delta9 writes:

Ofcourse game companies are out to make money, thats kind of stating the obvious :)


If you do not like games that require no monthly fee and have a otional way to spend money dont play them, but really if people want to spend less then, the same as or more than a regular sub on a MMO - its their choice

Tue Sep 25 2012 12:14PM Report
Stimos8 writes: Exactly, this is why Pay 2 play is the best option by far, you pay $15 a month, barely anything at all, not even 50c a day, i mean most people drop that on the floor everyday and dont think twice. As opposed to buy 2 win games, like guild wars 2 and others that insist on claiming to be "free 2 play" but instead cost far more then the "pay 2 play" games which end up being of a lot better quality anyway. Pay 2 play is and always will be the best model, if you cant afford $15 a month then you shouldnt be playing games anyway, but working. Wed Sep 26 2012 9:09PM Report
defector1968 writes: u say f2p and freemium, whats the difference? Fri Sep 28 2012 3:16PM Report
Acidon writes:

"u say f2p and freemium, whats the difference?"


F2P is generally Free to Play with a Cash Shop.

Freemium is a game that you can play for Free but offers the option to be a Premium (Subbed) Member to gain access to all or most of the content and/or perks.

Sat Sep 29 2012 8:18PM Report
Gorwe writes:

F2P is a type of game that is free to download and play to the end, but it becomes increasingly difficult(up to the point where it becomes downright impossible to play) without using its Cash shop which accidentally sells items that are required for further progression. Think RMAH in D3 Inferno mode and various oriental games(mostly Nexon and/or Perfect World games). Note that there is NO option to subscribe here(usually)!

Freemium is a type of game where you can download it free and either play it up to fixed point(60-70% of game)-think LoTRO/DDO. There is also another model of Freemiums that lets you play the full game, but some "flavour" things are disabled(stuff Like group dungeons/Raids/classes/races). EQ 2 or AoC represent this second group of Freemiums. Then there is Aion who is above and beyond scope of most Freemiums(its is a true Freemium model-imo of course). Note that you are only ASKED to use Cash Shop here(usually) AND that there IS an an option to sub here!

So, choose your Poison: nickel n diming in f2ps or partial purchases in Freemiums.

There's your difference...


Sat Sep 29 2012 9:10PM Report writes:
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