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Acidon's View

Here you will find my opinion on the state of gaming online. Right or wrong, I give you my view. Game on.

Author: Acidon

Can't we all just agree to disagree without reporting people out of spite?

Posted by Acidon Tuesday August 12 2014 at 9:14AM
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Let's face it.  Things are WAY out of hand now ~
Spiteful people have become so "Report Happy" that I would be willing to bet that most of them don't actually read the post they are reporting.  It's almost as if they look for something that could, out of context, be construed as flaming or trolling and Report!
It eventually makes those of us that have been singled out and banned various times over posts that would seem Playskool mild compared to so many posts I see that are untouched.  I'm not outright claiming that there is a bias depending on what side of the discussion you're on, but you can draw your own conclusions.
Exhibit A - It's pretty bad when most of someones' post, including signature, is trying to cover their own behind in case someone disagrees to the point that they are foaming at the mouth and report.  To the point where the actual content of the post is but a fraction of the text involved.  See here:
This is just sad
Now tell me that isn't overkill to the point of insane, out of fear of getting reported and subsequently banned.
My point is simple, and is as follows..


We, as active community members of need to step back, get some perspective and start being more respectful to our fellow members.
Here are some facts that may help in this matter:
  • There are thousands of online games because we all have different opinions on what's good.
  • Not everyone enjoys your current Game of Choice
  • Not everyone who writes about their reasons for disliking a game is a "Hater"
  • Not everyone who writes about why they enjoy a game is a "Fanboy"
What can we do as a community?


  • Take a deep breath when you read a post you disagree with
  • Don't take other peoples posts personally!
  • If someone IS clearly trolling or spamming, by all means, report them.
  • Don't instigate a fight, or fall into a fight just because you disagree.  Have a DISCUSSION.
I honestly don't know if this blog post will do any good, but I guess if even one person takes it to heart we're making some sort of progress.

  • I want our community to be like it used to be.
  • Before people lost the ability to enjoy more than one game at a time.
  • Before people decided to declare war between their game of choice and any other game.
We all enjoy different Games, different Game Mechanics and THAT IS OKAY!



Thanks for reading!