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Acidon's View

Here you will find my opinion on the state of gaming online. Right or wrong, I give you my view. Game on.

Author: Acidon

Rift is its own game - This is not a debate

Posted by Acidon Friday April 19 2013 at 11:40AM
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Generic Quote that gets thrown around far too often around here:

"and Rift is nothing more than a WoW clone with a small gimmick with the rifts"



Yeah totally.



I don't understand why Hyundai and KIA are still making automobiles.  They are obvious Honda Clones.  I mean they all have the same exact equipment.  They all drive the same direction!  They all get you from point A to point B.  Tires, Engine, Exhaust, Bumbers, Headlights, steering wheel, navigation, OMG!

We need to speak with our wallets and only buy Hondas.  All these honda clones need to die.


I swear, I can literally hear the "whooooosh" sound when I read some of these (apparently serious) statements from people.


I'm so sick of people calling Rift a Wow-clone with a gimmick.  The damn game is nothing like WoW.  It shares some of the same systems, as do all MMORPGs, but if you are any good at specing a character in Rift, you certainly have no doubt what game you are playing.  And it's not WoW.  Rift, and some other MMOs that get ignorantly branded as clones are their own game.  Completely.


This isn't a personal attack in any way.  It's an attempt to bring a little perspective to our little group here.  To no one in particular, just in general.  Get some perspective.   Hell, play Rift and some other MMOs, utilizing their unique character building tools, go out and help drive the invasions back to their respective planes, and tell me you felt like you were playing WoW.


Sore subject for me.  I know I just come off as a rabid fanboy.. I'm just tired of hearing the same incorrect quotes that are regurgitated over and over until they hardly resemble the original. 

And FTR I'm speaking of Rift as it is today, post Expansion.  The game is a beast with a huge world and dynamic, rewarding gameplay.  You can manually adjust your level and take part in any level content you want to - and to top that off, you get rewarded with items and such that are your actual level.  Anyone who knows Rift well knows what I'm talking about.
I believe there are very few people like that which frequent these forums though, sadly.

Having played Rift in Beta or a month or two after release doesn't count.  I see people stating that all the time.  It has done nothing but grow and expand since then.  Every single Soul in every single Calling got revamped in preperation for the expansion.  They actually managed to make it even better.  They have successfully tweaked things so that All 4 callings can have any combination of 9 souls and function.  Some combos are better, and min/max people find those sweet combos and run with it.  That's neither here nor there.  We're talking about 36 sixty-one point souls across 4 callings.



Tell you what, if WoW had several raids of people (Open Raid, joinable by anyone) out in the open world (not in a raid or dungeon instance) fighting back invaders pouring out from other planes of existance at all times of the day, you may be onto something.  After of course you get Blizzard to copy the open and incredibly diverse character calling customization found in Rift due to it's soul system.   Make all of that happen, and you may have a case. 


But.. The problem with that?  WoW would then be a Rift clone.  Not the other way around.



Look up! ~ Look Around!

Posted by Acidon Friday April 19 2013 at 5:36AM
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( This is a re-post of an entry I made on my other blog, elsewhere, back in 2011 )


When I first started playing EQ back in 2000, it was a magical time.  Everything was new and amazing.  Seeing all these characters running around that were actually real people!  It's so difficult to put into words what it was like back in 99 / 2000.

Fast-Forward to today, and  It's like some people play MMOs the same way they would tackle a spreadsheet.  Point A to point B, intersect here and Do X and turn it in on the way to D prior to A again, etc etc etc.  Boring!

I was exploring Gloamwood in Rift the other day and it all of the sudden dawned on me how far mmorpg graphics and art style had advanced since EQ and its directx 7? (originally) I think.  Anyhow, I started looking up and around.  I started to actually SEE this amazing world that the developers created for us.  Things have come such a long way and there is so much to see!

When I started playing computer games they were all text. This is way back with the C64, before PCs.  You had to imagine everything with those games.  The entire game was essentially formed in your head as you progressed through the story.  I feel that an unfortunate side-effect to having such great visuals in our games now is that it leaves little to the imagination.  I feel people are so used to good graphics that they are taken for granted.  How many gamers do you think actually take the time to really look at the game-world around them?

People are in so much of a rush now.  A rush to level, a rush to the next zone, a rush to level cap, a rush to end-game.  This seems to be the norm for many people who are coming to Rift from other games.  It's completely ridiculous to me.  I want to explore and see every inch of every zone.  I want to climb the various mountains and see what goodies the devs left for us up there (and it's true, they did.  Try it sometime).

I read all quest text.  I immerse myself into the world and have an amazing time.  You see, what I am doing is simple.  I am having FUN.  The game doesn't start at level cap, folks.  The game starts at the character creation screen when you go about creating your own avatar for the game - With the look you want and the name you want to be known as.  This is where your journey begins.

I realize that everyone is different and everyone's definition of fun will be different.  There is just so much to these games we play that I hate thinking about people missing out on a large part of it. 

For me, things are different.  9 times out of 10, I reach the next level by surprise, not having any idea I was that close to leveling.  This is because I was just out having fun.  Doing this quest or killing these mobs to reach that area to see what's over that next rise.  When you level and it surprises you, there's a good chance you have been having fun.  However, when you start calculating how many mobs you need to kill to reach the next level and start figuring out where you should kill said mobs to maximize your experience, you're heading down the road to inevitable burnout and boredom.

In short, folks.. Slow down, look around and see the virtual world around you once in a while.  Try having fun instead of racing to cap in competition with other players or some imaginary clock.  Have FUN.