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Acidon's View

Here you will find my opinion on the state of gaming online. Right or wrong, I give you my view. Game on.

Author: Acidon

H1Z1 - Early Access (Day 1)

Posted by Acidon Sunday January 18 2015 at 7:57AM
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(Originally Posted on my MMOGasm Blog  )


So, H1Z1 opened the flood gates to Early Access yesterday (Jan-15-2015).  There were more issues getting into the game than I consider typical launch stress.  Having played MMOs since 1999, I've seen a few launches.


To John Smedley's credit, he stayed up with the team and kept people informed via his Twitter Account (Yes, if you want to know what's going on with SoE these days, you need to follow them on Social Media).  Here are some of the updates Mr. Smedley gave us during those 12 hours - All times are PST:


Approx. 2pm:

servers are all patched and up.. waiting for Steam to finalize our patch on their CDN and then we will release the kraken

Approx. 3pm:

login server being reconfigured.. uno momento por favor

Approx. 5:30pm:

thanks for your patience. Believe me we won't sleep till this is fixed.

Approx. 10:30pm:

we should have this messed up server list thing squared away fairly soon here.

Approx. 12am today:

Boom. Fixed. Well technically it's a band aid that lets you in. But we are patching the real fix later


As you can see, even though countless people raged, they were fairly transparent and informative about the unfortunate situation.


Early Access launched at approximately 2:45pm (PST).  I, personally, wasn't able to get into the game until roughly 12 hours later.  I'm guessing that's about when most people were able to get in.


I had everything setup to stream my experience in the game for the better part of the day yesterday while I worked on other things waiting for the login issues to be fixed.  However, I was so amazed to get in and actually see those (over) 200 server choices that I completely spaced it.


I'll be streaming the game on my Twitch.TV channel, MMOGasm, at various times today and beyond.


As to my experience in the game so far, I think it's great.  I think my story is a bit funny and I'll describe it below.




You choose a permanent name for yourself and then you're spawned in a random location in the world on your chosen server.


The first time I spawned, it was at night and I was on the side of a large hill near a mountain.  You have your fists, a very small flashlight and a package of 5 bandages.  I wandered a bit with my feeble flashlight and it wasn't long before I could hear a zombie, and he sounded determined.  I was able to spot his location shortly before he was on me and the fight was on.  In this game, zombies are no joke when you're unarmed.  It took me a bit to kill it with my fists.  When it was dead, I was a little winded and my health was down to roughly 60%.  I decide I need to find some remnant of civilization and find some supplies.  At this point i could hear a zombie in the distance, and before I knew it was I DEAD.  A very large bear had apparently found me (I never heard it coming) and mauled me to death.  They warned us on the main website that you shouldn't go toe to toe with bears, and they weren't kidding.


The second time I spawned, no joke, was pretty much like the first time.  Wandered a bit, saw some deer, saw a deer being chased by a wolf, killed a zombie or two, was suddenly mauled by a huge bear.



Don't Feed the Bears



By now I'm thinking, wtf game?  Give me a chance of surviving!


But the third time I spawned, I could just make out a building over the next hill.  Yes!  So I make my way over the hill, very aware of my surroundings and possible zombies of course, and find 4 houses in a small bunch.  I was able to get inside 3 of them.  They allow you to search the fridge, cabinets, dressers, etc.  Out of the 3 houses I didn't find much.  Some multi-vitamins and a scrap of cloth.  But from the houses I could see a paved road with some trashed vehicles, a gas station and a small repair shop.


I make my way over there and spot a few zombies lingering around the small area in random locations.  I crouch and make my way to the first trashed vehicle.  The game allows you to search the vehicles which is pretty cool.  I also discovered that you can break open any wooden boxes or crates that you find.  Beside the truck was about 10 boxes of various sizes.  I found everything from fertilizer to canned meat and BOOM a sniper rifle!  I was stoked.  Then I found some ammo, but it was the wrong caliber.  So I had a gun I had no ammo for and ammo I had no gun for.  That's okay though!  I also found a large axe, so I finally had a decent melee weapon to protect myself with.


A couple of zombies later, and after searching the gas station/diner, I made my way over to the repair shop.  Beside it was a very small convenience store (or what was left of one) and in the back room I found a treasure trove of boxes on the shelves.  I found more food and water that I could carry back there.  I logged out not too long after this, having drank fresh water and eaten, and called it a night.





First impressions?  This game has a TON of potential.  I think they could have a real winner on their hands depending on how development goes going forward.


Keep in mind that this is Early Access into an Alpha build of the game.  It's very early and they are still developing the game.


Having said that, my major complaints are as follows.

  1. Very limited carrying capacity.  I couldn't even pick up more than one can of food.  Granted, it looks like you have an inventory slot for a backpack, so this may get much better if I find a backpack.
  2. When you die it appears you lose all of your possessions and are back to a flashlight, a flare and 5 bandages.  I understand that this has become a standard of sorts for this genre, but I was hoping for a better way to handle progression in this one.  Hopefully this changes later on ~ at the very least I hope it's possible to find permanent storage somehow.  A place to slowly hoard supplies.


So there you have it.  My limited experience so far in H1Z1.  Look for more updates later and don't forget to follow MMOGasm!