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Author: Abroxus

The WoW LFG System is the greatest innovation in an MMO since 2003

Posted by Abroxus Tuesday December 15 2009 at 11:49AM
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First entry of the Last Chancers guild! <<---OUR URL

Yesterday I was home sick with the flu. Rather I was just getting over it. I was bored. I had nothing to do so naturally I logged into WoW at around 8 am because I can never sleep past 7-8 in the morning.

Since I literally was not going to do anything all day I wanted to see how many instances I could run with the new LFG feature using my rogue. This meant DPS and an average wait time of 6-7 minutes. In between I worked on tradeskills and did some Alterac Valley PVP.

I have recently faction changed back to Alliance. We are starting a new guild there because that is usually the only way I am happy. We will casually raid 10 man content and that is about it. The main reason for this is the constant shennanigans we see taking place in the larger guilds and honestly it was to the point that even when raiding I was sick to death of the people I was surrounded by. That and the blatant favoritism the guild leadership had toward their work buddies.

We formed The Last Chancers as LAST CHANCE to get it right. Some of us are still trickling over with faction changes so it will take a while before we are fully ready to start recruiting. Plus our main tank is out a computer until end of December.

To be honest I have the most fun chain running 5 mans. This new LFG system has been a boon to my World of Warcraft play because lack of grouping is usually what killed it for me. You fix that and we got a whole new ballgame and this innovation is the greatest thing since Sliced Spicy Bread.

I started early in the morning with the easy instances. Things that can be done fast because on my server they reset at 10 am and I can run them again.

By 1pm in the afternoon I was approaching enough badges to get new item level 245 shoulders for my rogue (the only character I had switched to alliance out of my 4 80’s).

My rogue was easily topping 4K DPS on the single target bosses but he still needs gear upgrades to compete on a level where I feel he should belong.

So I ran 11 instances, including the Oculus TWICE. Yes, even the Oculus. They were all random too. That means I got a shitload of badges. The first Oculus run was massive fail and we broke apart at the last boss. I thought I was done with it for the day and it was out of my random rotation but I had forgotten I had run it BEFORE 10 am so it reset and low and behold my last instance of the night was in fact the Oculus.

We cleared it and I got the achievement Make it Count finally after all these months.

On the side I also ran a Onyxia 25 man raid PUG. I knew I would not get loot as those PUG’s are usually full of ninjas and shitty loot procedures so I mainly went for the achievement on my rogue and the badges.

All in all, a great day with just a few minor hiccups in between and only one real douchebag encountered the entire day. This was a guy on 5 man HToC that insisted we keep his AFK buddy in the group so he got credit.

Umm no. I voted to kick him and he was booted. The tank got pissed and I basically said:

“Take off then, we are not here to get your buddy free badges while he doesn’t DPS and we have to suffer 4 manning it.”

He told me to F off or something like that and then left. With the LFG system we had 2 replacements in under one minute and we went on to finish the instance.

All in all WoW is keeping me so busy on ONE character I haven’t had a chance to update the blog much. And this guy is my DPS guy. I haven’t even tanked or healed with it yet which would mean I would not even have time to use the bathroom once I hit the FIND RANDOM GROUP button. First night my tank had a group in 58 seconds.

Blizzard has changed MMO’s with this tool. I used to think that Lost Dungeons of Norrath in EQ1 was the greastest add on ever for its scaling dungeons and random instances. This however, many years later, trumps that by a mile and makes WoW the most complete MMO on the market in terms of grouping, socialization and always keeping busy as well as ease of gear upgrades and casual content.

So get out there and load up on PUG’s and remember:

Always NEED the frozen orbs.