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Author: Abroxus

Cryptic should hire this guy to fix their games: exploting Star Trek Online

Posted by Abroxus Wednesday January 13 2010 at 3:39PM
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What an awesome post. Right there on the Star Trek Online boards a poster outlines, describes and tells you how to break the gameplay of STO. This is a rather fascinating post and it still baffles me to this day how developers can let MMO’s release with blatant issues like this:

Saw this in the closed beta, really seeing it in the open one and wanted to comment on it. STO currently rewards Antisocial play more than it rewards social play. How do I mean? Allow me to explain with examples I personally witnessed and then did to duplicate.

1. Fleet Actions – Re-gear your ship with all front power weapons and put your ship in attack mode. NEVER be first, the person first dies, always. Follow the pack around and the moment someone shoots at something open up. I did this and got 6 drops in a row, with more than 20 people shooting at things. I picked an entire group apart without ever being shot, while others were blown to pieces and got nothing for it. It’s hilarious to watch people figure this out, they zoom towards a pack of enemies, then screech to a halt at 15, and mill about until someone’s impatient or accidentally gets too close, then it’s like blood in the water.

How to fix it? Give credit for dmg received as well as dmg done. Being grouped is moot, I was taking loot from groups of 5 people simply because I was free to focus fire by playing like a jerk.

2. “Secure” missions - In addition to the above, you can also level for free while alt-tabbed playing other games. Fly into a Deep Space contact, fly deep into a corner, far from the action, alt tab and surf your pr0n. Every 5 min, tab in and press space so you don’t afk out. Every 15 min, tab in and call Sulu to turn in mission and get another. Congratulations, you’re afk leveling in STO, just like people did in SWG, and faster than most because a mission completion every 15-20 minutes is a lot faster than many people can do.

How to fix it?
* If you aren’t in combat, you don’t get credit for the Secure.
* The mission doesn’t complete until you leave the instance.
* You can only do the Secure missions 1/day.

3. General missions – You fly into a mission and are auto-grouped with people.

The mission objective is to hit glowies, but there are bad guys near them, and because you’re grouped there are a LOT of them. Easily handled, let the other schmoes in the group agro, run up and snag the glowy, move on. Let them be pounded and die, I’ll be moving on to the next mission. I did this last night with one of the patrols, hitting the strange objects. Some poor guy lit up 8 cruisers and was torn to pieces while I quietly zipped in, snagged the objective, and left.

The mission objective is to defeat packs of enemies. I wonder what’s on TV? I’ll sit at the door until it’s done, then warp out when it’s done. I bet I can get a few games of Gemz in!