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I'm Burnt Out

I simply want to express my feeling toward mmorpg's in general. I also want to see if there are any other people as burnt out as I am about MMO's.

Author: 7anman

An MMO Im Looking Forward To

Posted by 7anman Monday December 8 2008 at 6:00AM
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I've been in exile from the MMO world for a couple of months now, playing Left 4 Dead, Devil May Cry 4, and a few other games to fill my time.  On my last blog, a couple of people recomended LoTRO as I described my rapidly growing disatisfaction with WoW and any new MMO that has been released.  Long story short, wasnt happy with LoTR either.  So I sit here at my computer, writing this blog thinking, Is my time with MMORPG's over?  Have I simply out grown them?  Are developers all interested in PvP gameplay now so thats what they focus on, usually blowing storyline and depth out of the window?

Well, my answer to most of those questions is yes (this is MY OPINION, I am not god and what I say will not cause the statue of liberty to walk).  Keep in mind, I am a heavy PvE gamer, PvP may be fun at times but the thing that gives MMO's a backbone and gives players a purpose for playing is a good storyline.  I am not against PvP by any means, all I am saying is that I think a game needs to have a strong PvE base first, otherwise I think the game will turn into (as someone said on another blog) Counter Strike with swords. 

But I didnt come here to beat a dead horse, there are plenty of unsatisfied MMO'ers out there, but rather, im here to ask a question....This website has been going strong for awhile now, alot of intelligent people post, and alot of good PvE and PvP'ers post good ideas on how to make a game function.  So my question is, Do Developers live under a rock?  You would think that some of them would read forums and blogs on websites that discuss MMORPG's, who knows what players want more than the players themselves?  Whats keeping devs. from going out into the community, opening up a blog, and letting people post what they want in an MMO and vice versa?  Of course, you will always have people who dont know what their talking about...and people who are just immature, but thats life.  I think for a new MMORPG to give a breath of fresh air to this community, they need to start taking some chances.  If the game is going to fail anyways, why not try something new?  You might hit gold...or for modern times, oil.  

Burntout....but Hopeful!

Posted by 7anman Sunday November 30 2008 at 4:07AM
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Hey everyone, im fairly new around but I've been reading blogs, articles, and forum posts (for about a month now) about many different problems and/or feelings toward mmorpg's and what makes them tick.  Let me give you a brief history of my gaming exp...

My first mmo was Everquest, I picked it up when the Ruins of Kunark expasion was first released and I played up untill Planes of Power, and then I took a break (mainly because my friends stopped playing).  Then came another game called World of Warcraft, I created my account in Feb. 27th, 2005.  Just a week ago, I made the decision to quit playing it.  Now, before you sigh in discontent, I did not come here to bash WoW or anything of the sort =).  I only mentioned the two I mainly played in, Ive tried Silkroad Online, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Ragnarok Online, EVE online, and a few others that arent poping in my head.

With you knowing my history from mmo's, I'll give you a bit of personal information.  I love to write, it is sort of a hidden passion and I didnt discover it untill I hit my senior year in high school.  Therefore, Im very big into story/lore, it gives the game a backbone and it provides players with a sense of belonging.  I think the reason why I quit playing WoW is that I FEEL (notice that this is an opinion, I am not God and what I say isn't going to change the way history is written) that I dont have a strong sence of belonging.  There wasnt something I saw or thought of that made me say, "Oh! Thats why I'm putting so much time and effort into this."  Of course, there are a few other things I could rant on about but I didnt come out of hiding for that. 

Now that I think harder, I dont think "burnt out" is the correct word for what I'm feeling.  I guess it's more disapointment.  I know im "burnt out" on these lame WoW copies, and what's even worse is that when a new mmo tries to come out, if it's not succesful within a month or two, it gets dropped like a hot potatoe.  But you guys already know that... To be honest, im pretty confused at the moment, I want to play an MMO badly, but I dont know where to turn.  WoW is a no, Ive tried EQ2 but I have nobody to play with so thats a bust.  Is it just me, or is the boat im in bigger than I realize?

Just a side note, I wrote this blog relevant to the problems im dealing with and thoughts that sort of poped into my head.  So if it seems a little mixed up, I apoligize.