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2009 and what will happen

the most realistic guesses on what will happen for this crazy year for MMO's

Author: 123123456202

aion, darkfall, stargate

Posted by 123123456202 Sunday January 25 2009 at 1:35AM
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aion, darkfall, and stargate worlds, the biggest games of 2009


so here we are with

the wow type game-aion

the hardcore sandbox game-darkfall

the scifi WoW-stargate


first off all 3 of these games will be great for their respected audiances.


aion will be a huge hit in all of asia and will make lots of money wheather the game will catch on in with the EU/NA audiance is yet to be determined


darkfall for what it is it will be a huge hit, far bigger than the developers hoped for or want....90% of the problems of this game will be the fact that they will have too many people trying to play and a small devepement team wont be able to handle the excess of players wanting to try the something completly new to them.

the only things that could possibly stand in the way for darkfall of having the sub base of EVE is 2 things

-too many people

-aged graphics


finnaly we come to the game i know the most about because im in beta....stargate

from where it stands it could easily come out in 2010  though the game is progressivly getting better, but  inagine is you mixed tabula rasa and WoW this is the outcome you have similar combat to TR and the boring addicting repetitive gameplay of WoW so in other words this game will have the biggest success out of these 3 if they fix ALOT of bugs.





hope this gives you a good out look on what will probably happen in 2009


also i think aion could easily catch on with a small portion of the WoW adiance but will only make a small dent in WoW subs (around 500k) because of aion to me looks like WoW with better graphics and a few really cool features (flying, pvpve)

ZtyX writes:

ohh come on, dude.. that is pathetic. Your argument is terrible!

That makes no sense at all.. That Darkfall could only fail for two reasons. ohh maan.. That's such b.s.

Yea.. Maybe the first reason. But, there are so many reasons why Darkfall might do worse than some anticipate.

I still think it would be a success even with a small playerbase. But, to point out that the only errors Darkfall could have are those two is just ridiculeous and shallow!

Come on, blogger. Man up!

About Stargate. I dont know much about that, but I read another very recent blog here that predicted Stargate Worlds was in great trouble. He didnt think the game would make it :(

I think that's sad. Stargate is an awesome tv show. I always did like it. So I hope its not true. .. but, I dont care if this is a wow theme park like you say it is. Then I'd rather watch the tv show. ANyways.. how come you didnt cover that some?

The other blog was something like .. games of 2008 and 2009.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:20AM Report
ZtyX writes:

So I buried you.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:20AM Report
axlezero writes:

First off Aion from what I've seen is only like wow in the sense that its a fantasy mmo.  Aion will probably end up with more subs then all the other games mentioned, although ncsoft doesn't put out great titles, they put out polished products compared to other mmo studios.

Darkfall's hype is more in its mystery, it'll appeal to a certain type of crowd, but it won't be the anywhere near the core of the market.  The ffa pvp crowd is not that big, and yes its getting alot of hype, but if it even releases, it won't come close to the subs that stargate or aion will get.  Its mostly a pvp fest, since you lose all your gear when you die the majority of the market doesn't like that type of game.  If they still do the trial area like they said, you'll get alot of people signed up for that, but then leave shortly after. 

Stagate I heard just plain sucks.

WoW is not a first gen mmo, so its not an original mmo concept.  Just like all next gen mmos, they harvest the good parts from other games, and add to it supposedly making it better.  When people say a game is like WoW, it just tells me that most people don't really know what they are talking about and invalidates their arguments for me.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:33AM Report
stayontarget writes:

lame, try to put a little more effort  and rescarch into your blog next time.

nice try but I find it lacking. But please by all means don't quit blogging.

Sun Jan 25 2009 6:10AM Report
Razephon writes:

Out of the 3 mentioned, Aion is the only one that could have 500k+ subs in the West. Darkfall even if it does launch it will be a niche game. It simply does not have mass appeal, regardless of how you look at it. That doesnt mean it won't be successful. If they can maintain 100k subs I think thats incredibly successful for DF.

Stargate Worlds? what? I really dont see how that was even put into the equation. Vs. a game that has released in Korea already and another that is in the final stages of closed beta.

And then you say Stargate will be the best? Sorry don't see it happening.

Sun Jan 25 2009 7:51AM Report
chr1sm writes:

This blog post needs to be burried.  First of all, DarkFall is not a "game" like all other theme park MMORPGs are.  It's a world simulator.  Secondly how dare you throw DarkFall in here with those other garbage games.  Do NOT compare DarkFall with EVE.  DarkFall is Ultima Online pre-trammel's spiritual successor.  DarkFall is NOT just for the hardcore, it's for anybody looking for a seemless world simulator.  The way MMORPGs SHOULD be.  Theme park games are garbage it's just obvious you have never played UO pre-trammel back in 1997-1999 (sorry but it is the ONLY other good world simulator to compare anything to).  Rendering Darkfall down to a mere "sandbox" is an insult.

Sun Jan 25 2009 9:17AM Report
Damondo writes:

Give me this weeks winning lotto numbers and then I will consider your post to hold some wieght.

Sun Jan 25 2009 11:37AM Report
Vosen writes:

One of the worst blogs I have ever read. I was going to cut you some slack with all the spelling and gramatical errors you made, but then I saw your age and where you are from and there really is no excuse coming from an English speaking country.

There are no time restrictions so you could have made an effort to run it through a spell check before you posted.

I know a lot of people who's English is their second language and they could have done a better job.

All this coupled with all your misinformation makes it a very bad blog

Sun Jan 25 2009 1:05PM Report
Kainis writes:

Sorry, gonna have to back fellow posters on this one. You need to do your research better.

Aion- this is currently becoming Asia's answer to WoW. Read ANSWER TO. not VERSION OF. They are nothing alike except in some basic mechanics, but then WoW is like a lot of it's predeccesors in that extent. When it gets released in the west, it will probably garner similiar support that Lineage 2 did, maybe a few more. Of the three, this shows the most promise.

DFO- If it gets released, it will take some of Eve's base, some of PotBS's and maybe smaller portions of others. I'm refering to those that call themselves "hardcore pvpers". Not casual pvpers, and probably not many pve'ers. This is a highly niche game and will remain thus, IF it ever releases (which is still up in the air).

SGW- Will likely claim most of TR's base, and lesser extents of many others who want something different but enjoy both history and sci-fi. That is, if the company servives its myriad of crisis, and the game's bugs. And that is also coming from someone who has firsthand knowledge on the game. If they can solve their conflicts this will be the second best of the three, because it caters to more than just a small niche.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:15PM Report
ZtyX writes:

Chri1sm. Well said, man. Well said.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:32PM Report
ZtyX writes:

Guys.. The FFA PvPers are not a small group like you might think.

Take a look at how MAD everyone was when Jagex took out the Wilderness PKing in Runescape. That was hardcore PKing. Lots of ppl quit and never forgave Jagex. They managed to introduce a nice new PKing system after a while though. But its not the same thing.


You are all underestimating this "niche". It's not a niche... it's a real subgenre. A big genre that is enjoying an unseen hype level for any upcoming indie studio title. It can be compared with AOC and WAR without a marketing budget.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:35PM Report
daeandor writes:

sorry, but you don't know what your talking about.  Barely worth discussing.

Sun Jan 25 2009 4:42PM Report
toddze writes:

FFA PvP is a niche, plain and simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. But thats a given when were talking about DF fans. If it was not a niche game there would be more games out there that catered to that crowd. Even in games where PvP is a big focus, there are only a couple FFA pvp servers. while the PvE servers far outnumber the PvP servers atleast 3:1. Just look at AoC at release date. A game that was advertised more so as PvP game it only had a few FFA PvP servers. 

Sun Jan 25 2009 8:43PM Report writes:
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