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FFA-PvP - Why It is Needed.

Too many MMORPG's follow a certain ruleset and I feel this will ruin the genre. FFA-PvP and freedom in MMO's is needed to keep this genre moving in the right direction.

Author: Mennovh

FFA-PVP - A response

Posted by Mennovh Thursday February 14 2008 at 10:16AM
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This Post is in response to this blog posting made earlier today.


          It really seems many people in the MMORPG community are against FFA-PvP. The only reason I can see this as being is because many players are used to playing games that are of an item based or level based system. These systems will not work for a good balanced PvP system.  The author is biased in his opinion from playing games like WoW, EQ, Shadowbane, and the later days of UO. In these games items and/or levels created a huge advantage for players who attacked players of a lower level. 

Now let’s take a system that was balanced to an extent and look at it.   The early days of UO were the best days for many MMORPG players. This was a FFA-PvP game in its truest form from when the game went gold till the stat-loss patch. In a few days a player could be close to 7x and be a viable force to play the game. A player with mastered (as in 90 skill points) magery and swords could still take on a player with GM’ed skills if he was skilled enough at the game. Hell I remember times in playing the game of taking on groups of 3-4 players at one time during the opening stages. The game was balanced and yes the game also had its FoTM’s but these weren’t overpowered to the point where they were game breaking.  
The items in this game were not a determining factor as well. It didn’t really matter what weapons you used to play with because they were all well balanced. Also another great thing about the game is if you died in a fight or someone griefed you, it didn’t matter because everything you had obtained could be replaced in a matter of no time. Please do not write an article on a prominent site when you are very ignorant to the fact MMO’s can be balanced in a PvP fashion.  Maybe you should have written an article based upon the fact people got too emotional when they were killed as a newer player. It was the rage and feeling of lost time people had when they were PK’ed, because they hadn’t played the game long enough to be as good as the player who put in the time. 
Let’s look at it this way. Say you logged onto Counter Strike for the first time and started playing the game. You’re running around with your glock and turn a corner and boom someone kills you with an AK. That is pretty frustrating because they had a bigger gun then you, body armor and grenades when all you had was your little hand gun and no skill playing the game. But if you had a skilled player with just the handgun and the newbie with the AK and body armor the skilled player would win that battle 99 out of 100 times. So don’t say an MMORPG can’t be balanced for PvP because you were killed looted and decapitated and you just couldn’t handle it emotionally. Because remember it’s just a game. 
MMORPGS should be skill based upon the player and not upon the level, items, or amount of anything they have.  I hate to say this, but a game needs to be developed in this type of setting so it can change the industry away from the PvE grindfest with PvP as a side thought mentality. One game, Darkfall is being developed that following this type of mentality. I hope for the industry as a whole this game does become successful so developers can start taking risks in trying new things with MMO’s instead of making another Everquest clone.   Don’t get me wrong, I had fun playing Everquest the first time, but its not as much fun when I played its sequels, DAOC, WoW, AO, EQ2, Vanguard, Ect, Ect…
I think you are biased against FFA-PvP because of the small population of players as termed “griefers.”   Every single game you play out there, you will encounter this type of player. If you had actually played Old UO you would have known there was much more to this game then the occasional griefer in the game. You probably just forgot all the goodness that was in the FFA-PVP type of world because you remember the negative emotions much more prominatly from the number of times you were killed looted and decapitated. 

With FFA-PvP you had the anti-PK guilds, the PK guilds, the neutral guilds, the policing guild and the gank squads everywhere, all in a harmony in a system that worked. You had a system where players could play any role they wished to play because they had the option of doing so. They weren’t limited, and that my friend is the beauty of a FFA-PvP system. Without limits you make the game what you want to make it and therein lies the wonderful aspect of what an MMORPG can really offer. Not a story line you have to follow, or kill this many boars and receive so much gold, or kill this epic mob and receive the golden chalice of awesomeness. We don’t need more games like this, we have plenty of those. Don’t blame the FFA-PvP rule set; blame yourself for letting the Players in the GAME get in your head.