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    Mowell Soft
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    11/11/09 (08/29/2009)
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Blitz1941 Overview

Blitz1941 is a free-to-play 2D historical tank battle sim MMO based upon real conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II. The game features over 60 real tanks to choose from to do battle in 15 Soviet cities, each a strategic point based on its real-life counterpart. Players may choose sides, pick the tank they want (as each side's assortment varies) and customize his or her experience. Enhancing the gameplay is the ability to travel from one city to the next to fight in a siege for occupation. The winning side gains strategic advantages such as supplies and economic might. Other PvP options include one on one fights or simultaneous 200 player combat. Tank armor and other aspects can be customized, and there is a player economy for trades.


  • Over 60 Tanks | World War II German and Russian tanks.
  • Large-scale Combat | Up to 3,000 players per server.
  • Eastern Europe Combat | Meticulously and beautifully rendered geographical features, architectural styles, and cultural elements.
  • Rise Up the Ranks | Defeat the enemy to obtain Experience, Money, and Contribution on your way to becoming a tank commander.
Now Live!

eFusion MMOG's Blitz1941 has gone live today following a successful open beta test! What game launch isn't complete without a launch day patch? Blitz1941's launch day version update enables all the game's maps, balances tanks, and contains a number of UI changes to improve usability. To celebrate the opening of the game, all players will receive double XP until November 16th, 2009, and all players who play until November 23rd, 2009 will be entered in a lottery for the game's "premium items".