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Community Update #3 Focused on the Assassin

The latest Bless Online Community Update has been posted, this time with an emphasis on the recently released Assassin class. Some launch statistics are revealed including how many reached level cap, what stance is most popular and more.

Community Video #1 - Community Concerns, In-Game News, & Upcoming Features

The Bless Online team has started a new video series featuring German community manager "Penta". In the series, Penta will be responding to player concerns, providing news about in-game events and giving viewers a sneak peek into what is coming down the pike in the future.

The Voice Over Cast - Meet the Faces Behind the Characters

The Bless Online team has sent out a brand new video to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the voice actors for the English language version of the game. "What makes them each truly unique is their voices, all the work of various talented voice actors".

Founder's Pack Trailer Preview - See What's Inside

In three days, the Advanced Access will begin for those who purchased a Founder's Pack. To show off "what's inside", Neowiz has released a brand new trailer with pet skins, mount skins and much more. Check it out to see what's in store if you're a Bless Founder.

Taming 660 Unique Creatures as Mounts or Pets

The Bless Online team has sent out a brand new trailer that reveals a few of the 660 creatures that can be tamed either as pets or mounts in the game. This includes Elk, Lizards, Big Cats, Mammoths and tons of others. Check it out!

First Impressions (Steam Version) - TheHiveLeader

Bless Online recently held a Press Event to give a few lucky creators a chance to get an early look at the game, which hits Steam Early Access on May 30th. Somehow TheHiveLeader snuck his way in. So what did he think? Will Bless be the MMO of the future? Let's find out!

Guardian Dungeon Gameplay (No Commentary) - TheHiveLeader

At the press event in San Francisco on May 11th, I got to take part in a max level dungeon run as the Guardian. This video picks up on the second boss and goes to the final boss. We did manage to down him shortly after we stopped recording, but I have no footage of it sadly. This is my first time playing Guardian, so be nice. I definitely could've stayed out of the red better and used my shielding more.

New Trailer Announces Bless is Headed Out the Gate on May 28th!

We finally have the official word that Bless will be heading out the gate on Steam on May 28th. The brief, but action-packed, trailer shows off some gameplay and reveals the date that "Bless is Reborn".

Weekend Surprise! Paladin & Party Play

The Bless Online team has a nice send off as you head into the weekend. They've released a new gameplay trailer that shows off the Paladin and how it will work in concert with other character classes during battle. It's a lovely video that you definitely won't want to miss. Happy Friday!

New Teaser Site & Steam Hub Herald a 2018 Release

The Bless team has released a brand new (and pretty awesome looking) new trailer to reveal the news that the game will be heading to Steam in 2018. A new teaser site is now available as well as a Steam hub.