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Bless Online Articles

Hands On with the Assassin

On August 8th Neowiz delivered on their promise to have the Assassin class in the game, and it's made quite a splash since. While the game is still currently labeled as Early Access, Neowiz was kind enough to give us a fully leveled character so that we could taste a little of what makes the Assassin stand out and why a Bless fan might be interested in giving them the opportunity to become their new Main Character.

Press Event Playtest – Monetization and Cash Shop

Bless Online’s recent press event provided the final piece of the MMO pie, and arguably the most important piece, Monetization. In the Korean and Japanese versions of Bless, the game is decidedly free to play, but how has Neowiz changed their position for the western audience, and how will that change affect any cash shop they plan in the game?

Press Event Playtest: More Blessness

In this article I will outline some of the features that we’ve already known about Bless, but in more detail in according to my personal experience after my hands-on experience during the press event. Whether you have been following Bless Online or you are brand new to Bless’ feature set, brace yourself for a bevy of incoming information.

Press Event Playtest: Combat Preview

Bless is a title that has been around for several years in Korea and more recently, it has had some success with a Japan release. Now with some hefty changes for western audiences, Neowiz is bringing Bless to Europe and North America. I was blessed enough (pun intended) to get some hands-on time with Bless Online at the Press Event to check out the changes, speak with the developers, and experience in-depth gameplay first hand.