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Preview the Assassin, Siege of Castra and Dominion Contract / Capital War

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Bless Steam page has been updated with a lengthy preview of the game's next patch that is coming out next week. Readers can learn more about the Assassin, a new class that "will have many fun new skills and stances for players to experience". In addition, a preview is provided on the Dominion Contract and Capital War systems including when and where events take place, how teams score victories and what rewards are provided after.

The Assassin is a close combat fighter with a number of evasive skills that allow for increased damage when attacking a target from behind, or with poisons. Assassin's wear Light or Medium armor and utilize daggers as their primary weapons.

More information is also provided for the Dominion Contract and Capital War:

We’ll also be introducing Dominion Contract and Capital War! A Dominion Contract is a the contract that grants the authority to rule a specific territory within a faction. Dominion Contract bidding periods last for 40 minutes, and only guild leaders are able to place bids using Guild Influence. The guild leader that has the most Guild Influence wins the bid will become a Lord, and they and their guild will be eligible to participate in the Capital War. Those who lose the bid will get back 90% of the Guild Influence used in bidding.

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Suzie Ford

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