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Bless Online Articles

Bless Online Ruins of Shaqqara Interview

With the Ruins of Shaqqara update to Bless Online today, the game is undergoing a massive transformation across a number of features. Players will find the level cap increased, new areas to explore and a new open world battlefield. We caught up with the devs to find out more. Read on!

We Talk with the Bless Team About the F2P Conversion

Today's a big day in the Bless Online world with the announcement that the game is going free to play on October 23rd. We managed to catch up to Neowiz developers to learn more about what players can look forward to in the future and what compensation players who purchased the game in Early Access can expect.

We Learn More About the Sneaky Assassin & New PvP Opportunities

Today, Bless Online is getting one of the biggest updates in the game’s tenure. The anchor of the big expansion is the Assassin class along with some sweet new PvP activities. We had a chance to chat with Lead Game Designer Junyoung Hwang, Combat Designer Seongil Ma and Chief Creative Officer Jangchoel Rhee to learn more. Check it out!

Exploring Monetization with Neowiz

We recently learned a lot more about Bless Online after a press event. However, the game's monetization emerged as one of the most controversial aspects stemming from the event. We had the opportunity to chat with Neowiz about the concerns of the community and to submit questions for clarification on the issue. Read on!

Neowiz on Buy to Play, the Item Shop, Emissaries & More

Today is a huge day for fans of Bless Online with the announcement of the May Steam Early Access program and the debut of the new site. We managed to corral the devs to ask them a few questions on a wide array of subjects. You won't want to miss this one!

How Bless Aims to Be A Realm Reborn

Bless Online is a game that many fans are keeping a close eye on as it is in the process of its total revamp process. We had the opportunity to speak with Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon to learn more about the procedure that the team goes through and how they are planning to bring "Bless's strengths and uniqueness" to bear when it finally launches.

Progress Update with Aeria Games

With the recent worry that Bless Online was not going to be making its way to NA and EU markets, we reached out to Aeria Games for a quick chat with Jérôme Nguyen Van Long, the Director of Game Launches at the Berlin-based company. Rest assured, Bless is indeed still coming to the NA and EU territories and progress is steadily being made. Read on for our exclusive interview with Aeria Games about the status of Bless Online.