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Bless Online Articles

Closed Beta Game Play Video Released

Steparu.com has posted a brand new game play trailer from the closed beta of Bless, that is currently in closed beta testing. The trailer features a look at each of the game's classes and how they play. The trailer is a compilation of the class videos released last week along with some new footage. Check it out!

Closed Beta Apps Still Being Taken & New Trailer

Steparu.com is reporting that Bless will be entering its first round of closed beta testing later this month and that applications are still being taken for the Korean event. In addition, the Bless site has been retooled and the team has released a brand new trailer. Check it out to see what you think and let us know in the comments.

Closed Beta Key Giveaway via Korean Facebook Page

The Korean version of Bless is set to hit its closed beta stage of development soon. The Bless Korean Facebook page is featuring a beta key give away for those interested in participating in the event.

Five Class Game Play Videos Surface

Neowiz has released five new game play videos from its upcoming MMO, Bless. The Guardian, Assassin, Mage, Berserker and Ranger are all featured in very short, but intense, videos. Check out the Ranger below, then head to the MMORPG.com YouTube channel to see the rest!

Assassin Game Play

Game play video for the Assassin class from Bless.

Berserker Game Play

Game play video for the Berserker class from Bless.

Mage Game Play

Game play video for the Mage class from Bless.

Ranger Game Play

Game play video for the Ranger class from Bless.

Guardian Game  Play

Game play video of the Guardian from Bless