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Bless Online Articles

Russian Publication Secured by 101XP.com

Bless Online has a new Russian publisher with 101XP.com. The company made its announcement official earlier today with a new trailer and microsite. This follows the recent announcement that Aeria Games would be bringing Bless Online to North American and European audiences.

Aeria Interview Indicates 2017 Launch

Fan hoping to see Bless Online headed to North American and European audiences sometime in 2016 may have to wait a bit longer. According to an interview with COO Tom Nichols, "Aeria hopes to launch the Westernized version next year."

Sign of Rough Waters? Server Merges Bring Total to Two

Bless Online Korean servers will be merging again bringing the total number of available game servers to two from the current ten. Players are able to begin the transfer process immediately.

Learn More About Aeria's Publishing Deal in Ongoing AMA

The Senior Product Lead for Aeria Games is participating in an active and informational "ask me anything" event taking place on the Bless Reddit. Folks are invited to head over and ask questions they have about yesterday's announcement that Aeria would be publishing Bless for both North America and Europe, or just about the game itself.

Aeria Games Signs On as EU / NA Publisher

Bless Online is coming to North America and Europe and will be published by Aeria Games according to a report by Steparu via Inven News. There is no information about when the game will be headed this way, but the thought that it is probably in the near(ish) future is pretty cool!

KR Version to be Updated with New Dungeon & Wild Boss

Neowiz Games will be added a new wild boss and a new dungeon to the Korean version of Bless Online. The new content is scheduled to be released on March 19th. You can check out the Korean-language video below to see a bit of the Ur Tooth Mines and the new Fallen Dark Mage boss.

Neowiz Games in Final Talks for NA/EU Publication Deal

Bless-Sources.com is reporting that a Neowiz representative has confirmed that it is in final negotiations to bring Bless Online to North America and Europe. There are unconfirmed rumors that Daum will be publishing both Black Desert and Bless in the West.

Character Creation Shown In New OBT Video

With the start of the Bless open beta test earlier this week, several streamers have come out with videos to show off some of the game's systems. Youtube streamer Scion StormTV has captured character creatiion in a 13+ minute long video. Check it out and let us know what you think!

KR Open Beta to Kick Off on January 27th

Despite a rocky start to the testing stage of development, it appears that all is going well and Bless Online is slated to begin the open beta in Korea on January 27th. According to Steparu, players interested in trying out Bless Online can download the client and customize characters prior to the start of the beta.

New Cinematic Trailer Heralds Open Beta News

Neowiz has released a brand new cinematic trailer to pave the way for next week's announcement of the Korean open beta schedule and the road to release. At this point, there is no news of an English server or any announced release plans outside of Asia.

Back to the Drawing Board - Focus Test 2 Begins

After what seems to have been a dismal first round of focus group testing, Bless was delayed slightly to give the development team time to get things in better order. Confident that they are ready for another round, the Bless team has announced that a second focus group test is ongoing through December 20th.

Delayed for an Indeterminate Amount of Time

Neowiz has delayed Bless Online for an unspecified amount of time in order to give the team more time to make significant changes to nine game systems including the UI, questing, combat, and server technology to name a few. According to information, small focus group testing will resume next month.

Questions About Action-Combat - Prime Feature or Last Minute

The Steparu team has prepared a new preview for the final Korean closed beta event for Bless as it gets underway. The author wonders if Bless can truly be considered an action-MMORPG, as in built from the ground up to be so, or if the "action" part was added as an afterthought.

Two Trailers Reveal Faction Wars & Beta Game Play

NeoWiz has released a pair of trailers for Bless Online. One is the official trailer for the second closed beta event. The second reveals faction warfare as it will be presented in Bless Online. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Beta Days 1 & 2 Detailed with Game Play Videos

The Steparu.com team has posted a pair of massive previews of the Bless Online Closed Beta. The articles not only feature insightful comments about what the writer has experienced, but also, and most significantly a ton of great game play videos to show off the look and feel of the forthcoming title.