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Bless Online Articles

Neowiz Committed to Bringing the Game to the West

Neowiz Bless Studios reached out to us earlier today with a statement about the future of Bless in both Europe and North America. In it, the company reinforces its commitment to bring the game to Western players after working to ensure that the best game play experience is provided.

It's Official - Aeria / Gamigo Exit Publishing Deal

After rumors and later confirmation by Neowiz, we finally have the official word from Aeria Games / Gamigo about the cancellation of the EU / NA publication of Bless Online.

Korean Gaming Sites Confirm EU / NA Cancellation

MMO Culture is reporting that several Korean gaming web sites (no links provided) have announced that Neowiz has indeed cancelled the publishing contract with Aeria Games. Aeria was set to bring Bless Online to both North America and Europe this year. Indications are that the Japanese version of Bless will become Neowiz's priority to prepare it for launch later in 2017.

RUMOR: Gamigo - Aeria Out as NA / EU Publisher

We have received an anonymous tip that Gamigo / Aeria is out as the North American and European publisher of Bless. According to the fairly substantial information we were given, Gamigo representatives were in Korea last week where the agreement was cancelled due to quality concerns. This has also apparently been confirmed via internal communication with employees via Vice President of Product Sascha Zehe.

RU Publisher Closing Servers & Sending the Game for Revision

101XP has posted a brief note to let Russian Bless players know that game servers will be going offline on May 25th for an indeterminate amount of time pending revision. This includes all CIS countries as well. Payments have been disabled through the closure.

First Japanese CBT to Begin April 28th

Game On has confirmed that the first Bless Online Japanese closed beta test will be starting on April 28th and is set to run through May 4th. This may be a disappointment for Western fans as the Japanese version was announced after Aeria revealed its plans to published Bless in North America and the EU. However, 2P.com is reporting that the Aeria team is on its way to meet with the development team at Neowiz in South Korea. Hopefully we'll learn more then.

Progress Update with Aeria Games

With the recent worry that Bless Online was not going to be making its way to NA and EU markets, we reached out to Aeria Games for a quick chat with Jérôme Nguyen Van Long, the Director of Game Launches at the Berlin-based company. Rest assured, Bless is indeed still coming to the NA and EU territories and progress is steadily being made. Read on for our exclusive interview with Aeria Games about the status of Bless Online.

UPDATED RUMOR: Aeria Still On Board as NA Publisher

After our repeated attempts to reach Aeria Games about whether or not the company is still on board for publishing Bless Online, the Bless-Source Facebook page has been updated with what purports to be a developer statement. It is a brief note to let players know that they are still on board as the North American publisher. We will continue to reach out in the hopes of more direct confirmation.

Russian Open Beta for All to Begin December 8th

101XP has announced that the Bless Online open beta in Russia will begin on December 5th for those who purchased a "Thirst for Power" founder's pack. Those who bought the "Battle Call" founder's pack will begin their journey on December 7th with the OBT starting for all others on December 8th.

Game Performance & Combat on Work Docket

Aeria Games' "Carsomyr" has posted a new development update over at Bless-Source.com with specific regard to the EU / NA version of the game. The letter begins by reminding folks that the team is hard at work, though some issues had cropped up that have caused a slight delay. Right now, gamer performance is being improved to accommodate for large-scale battles; the combat system is being improved, a better tutorial is being added as well as world map and chat UI are being reworked.

New Russian CBT Trailer Says 'Let's Battle'

Smokebreakers lead vocalist Tony Watkins provides the background music for a new Bless Online trailer to get players hyped for the 101XP.com Russian version of the closed beta test. Called "Let's Battle", the song, both performed and written by Watkins, is packed with in-game footage to set the stage. Check it out and see what you think!

New English Language Cinematic Trailer Released

This past weekend marked the first Russian-language beta for Bless Online and hot on its heels a new English-language trailer has appeared that will surely impress. With this trailer, the possibility of the NA/EU beta nears, perhaps as early as 2017? We don't know, but we sure like the trailer. See if you agree!

Korean Version to Receive The Blazing Fire Update in October

The Korean version of Bless Online will be receiving a big new update called The Blazing Fire in October. The content expansion will bring the new Mystic job, an increased level cap, new areas, the rune system and new dungeons to the game. Check out the trailer below!

Work Yet to be Done Prior to a Fixed Milestone Calendar

The Bless Product Manager has headed to Bless-Source.com to let fans know that Aeria is hard at work to deliver a great game to North America and Europe. During meetings with Neowiz, the team decided to leave a milestone calendar unspecified to give more time for improving performance, fixing bugs and adding polish. In addition, improvements are being made to the large battle scenarios including Capital War, Siege of Castra and others.

NA-EU Publisher Update Shows a Work in Progress

Bless-Source.com has been updated with a note from the publishing team behind the NA-EU version of Bless Online. Shortly after being announced for distribution in North America and Europe, Aeria Games merged with Gamigo that will take over publication duties for the anticipated title.