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Bless Online Articles

Siege of Castra Large-Scale Battlefield Previewed

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a brief preview of the upcoming Siege of Castra, a large-scale battlefield with up to 140 players taking part. Players will need to be level 25+ and, once the battlefield is selected, they will be teleported to the instance in order to prepare for the coming battle.

Game Balance Adjustments Deployed in Latest Update

The Bless Online team has posted the patch notes for v1.0.0.8 that bring a number of game balance adjustments to bear. The updates have been applied to Peninsular War, monster abilities, class skills and to quest rewards. In addition, some translation errors have been corrected and an update to the Special Shop has been applied.

The Voice Over Cast - Meet the Faces Behind the Characters

The Bless Online team has sent out a brand new video to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the voice actors for the English language version of the game. "What makes them each truly unique is their voices, all the work of various talented voice actors".

Balance Adjustments to Deploy in Today's Update

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a developer's diary detailing a number of balance changes that will be coming to the game in today's update. The update comes after observations that character stats were "set differently from what we intended" with the result that most players were only using a few sets of skills rather than a broader variety.

Small-Scale RvR Content, Peninsular War. Launching Today

The Bless Online site has been updated with a new developer diary to introduce players to the game's small-scale RvR mode called Peninsular War. Up to thirty players (15 on each side) take part and "experience the fun of battlefield combat with elaborate strategies and small amounts of players". This new game mode is expected to launch into Bless later today.

Taming 101

Bless Online came out this week, and Red Thomas takes an early look at how to leash the beast. It’s more complicated than you might think, and maybe one of the better taming systems to date.

Review in Progress - First Steps & Early Days

With dozens of hours under my belt, and server stability problems subsiding, does Bless have what it takes to rally players all the way to its official launch in August, or is the western release of Bless just another misstep in an abundance of disappointing regional releases?

Executive Producer Issues an Apology & an Update on Bless's Rocky Start

Bless Online Executive Producer Sungjin Ko has taken the the game's Steam page to issue an apology to players for the game's rocky start and to provide some insight into the next steps the team will be taken moving forward.

Tips for New Players

While the servers are still experiencing their woes, we thought we’d step out of the game and write down some early tips, hints, and so forth to help those of you getting ready to play Bless Online when the base game opens up on May 30th. Now, this list is not exhaustive, so be sure to add your own thoughts too!

Producer's Letter Reveals EA Details + Russian Connection Issues

The Bless Steam page has a new producer's letter that reveals some early access details to the community, as well as a few plans for the immediate future for the game post-launch. Readers can learn more about what to expect from EA, precise information about regional servers and start times for May 30's EA start, how to purchase a Founders' Pack for immediate access and some known issues.

Founders' Pack Early Access Begins on Steam

Bless Online players who own a Founders' Pack can now take part in two days' worth of early access game play in the highly anticipated MMORPG from Neowiz. The client can now be downloaded from Steam with players able to get started in their journey right after. Launch day officially arrives on May 30th with a Standard Edition available starting the same day minus the Founders' Pack additions. It will run $30.

Founder's Pack Trailer Preview - See What's Inside

In three days, the Advanced Access will begin for those who purchased a Founder's Pack. To show off "what's inside", Neowiz has released a brand new trailer with pet skins, mount skins and much more. Check it out to see what's in store if you're a Bless Founder.

No Pre-Loading Ahead of Head Start on May 28th

If you were hoping to pre-load Bless ahead of the head start on May 28th, you're out of luck. In a very brief Q&A on the Bless Facebook page, Neowiz revealed this information as well as announced there would be two regional server groups, one each in NA and EU with the exact number of servers being subject to change based on need.

Exploring Monetization with Neowiz

We recently learned a lot more about Bless Online after a press event. However, the game's monetization emerged as one of the most controversial aspects stemming from the event. We had the opportunity to chat with Neowiz about the concerns of the community and to submit questions for clarification on the issue. Read on!

Taming 660 Unique Creatures as Mounts or Pets

The Bless Online team has sent out a brand new trailer that reveals a few of the 660 creatures that can be tamed either as pets or mounts in the game. This includes Elk, Lizards, Big Cats, Mammoths and tons of others. Check it out!