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Preview the Assassin, Siege of Castra and Dominion Contract / Capital War

The Bless Steam page has been updated with a lengthy preview of the game's next patch that is coming out next week. Readers can learn more about the Assassin, a new class that "will have many fun new skills and stances for players to experience". In addition, a preview is provided on the Dominion Contract and Capital War systems including when and where events take place, how teams score victories and what rewards are provided after.

Assassin Coming Sometime During the Second Week of August

The latest Bless Online Producer's Letter has been published on Steam with the big news that the Assassin Update will be coming to the game sometime during the second week of August. Of course, and as the name implies, the update will bring the Assassin class to the game, a new class that will be available to both factions.

'Attendance Check' Event to Start August 1st + Server Merges Complete

The Bless Online update notes have been published for the latest update that sees the server merge process completed. Players now have two North American and two European servers from which to choose and all players will be offered an extra day's Premium Membership buff.

Community Video #1 - Community Concerns, In-Game News, & Upcoming Features

The Bless Online team has started a new video series featuring German community manager "Penta". In the series, Penta will be responding to player concerns, providing news about in-game events and giving viewers a sneak peek into what is coming down the pike in the future.

Migra Turris Elite Dungeon, Balance Changes & More Arrive in Latest Update

A new update will be deployed today in Bless Online that will bring a host of balance updates, increased dungeon drops and the elite Migra Turris dungeon into the game. The patch also comes with a slew of bug fixes and feature enhancements as the game progresses to its full launch later in 2018.

Future Updates to Feature Elite Content, Combat Tweaks & Balance Changes

The latest producer's letter has surfaced on the Bless Online Steam page. In it, readers are informed of four significant features coming with the July 18th update and beyond. On July 18th, players will be treated to the Migra Turis Elite content update that adds "a new level of difficulty" and, of course, new rewards.

Neowiz Team to Tackle Optimization and Hacking

The weekly Bless Online Producer's Letter has been published that reveals that the team is pleased with the deployment of the latest patch over the July 4th holiday. In addition, it is revealed that developers are working on a pair of core issues with regard to the game: Optimization and Hacking.

Neowiz Previews Royal Quests & the Basel Gorge

The Bless Steam page has a new blog post to show off two of the components of tomorrow's big patch: Basel Gorge and Royal Quests.

July 4th Update to Feature Royal Quests, Basel Gorge & Market Improvements

The latest Bless Online producer's letter has been published on the game's Steam page. In it, players are informed about some of the contents coming in the July 4th update that include market improvements, the Basel Gorge area for level 45 players and the addition of "Royal Quests".

Producer's Letter Announces Server Consolodation

The latest Bless Online producer's letter has been published that reveals work on the game since launch and announces that server consolidation is incoming.

Latest Patch Brings Class Balance Tweaks & a New 3v3 Arena

The latest Bless Online patch has been deployed that bring a number of tweaks to class balance and sees the addition of a brand new 3v3 arena called Certanon Arena. During the arena battle, players of level 45+ face off in a best-of-5 event. Each round is 10 minutes or less for a maximum 50 minute match. These events take place from 3:00 pm Pacific (6:00 pm Eastern) through 10:00 pm Pacific (1:00 am Eastern) each day.

Emissary Program to be Reduced to 'Ensure Close & Secure Communication'

The Bless Online Discord (Announcement channel) has been updated with a note from "Penta" to let players know that the Emissary Program will be undergoing some changes in the future. Most notably, the number of Community Leaders and Content Creators will be reduced to "ensure close and secure communications" with the development team.

Peeking Into the Future & Why Neowiz Chose Early Access

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a new Producer's Letter that discusses the decision made by Neowiz to bring the game to Early Access as well as offering players a peek into what's coming in the future.

Week 1 Producer's Letter Details Works in Progress

The Week 1 Bless Online Producer's Letter has been published on the Steam page that provides a look back at the first week and a look at what the team is working on based on community feedback. There are links to each of the patch notes across a broad number of categories including stabilization, game content, monetization and more.

Early Access Review – Is the 3rd Time the Charm?

After two weeks and one first impressions article later, much has happened and even more has changed in the highly critiqued roller coaster launch of Neowiz’s western early access launch of Bless Online. In its current state, Bless online offers a modicum of subtle victories hidden behind ostentatious gameplay, features that rarely hit the mark. With two prior rocky launches is Bless Online worth the cost for entrance now, or should buyers beware?