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Bless Online Articles

UPDATED: Neowiz Confirms Founders' Pack Details & Cinematic Trailer

UPDATED: The Bless Steam page has finally been updated with the details of the Founders Packs that are now on sale via the official site. In addition, a pair of new trailers has been released, one a cinematic look at the lore and the other announcing the May 28th release into Early Access.

Class Combat Overview Videos Show Off How Each One Fights

The latest developer blog has been posted on the Bless Online Steam page. In this edition, readers are treated to a much more detailed view of each class's combat abilities. In addition, some of each one's skills are shown in brief videos that were "taken in a development environment and therefore does not reflect the final version". Check each of the five class videos after the jump.

Class Posters Revealed - Which Will You Choose?

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with "poster" version and descriptions for each of the classes that will be included in the game when it launches later in 2018.

There's Still Time to Apply as an Emissary Before the May 9th Announcement

The Emissary program for Bless Online is one that allows community members to step up to bring the good word about the game to the world. These representatives will become part of the development team by both creating content and being community moderators. The Bless team will also "boost and support emissaries so that they can grow their followings as well". With that in mind, the time to apply to become an emissary is drawing to a close. Applications will be accepted through May 2nd.

Introducing the Game's Two Factions & the Reasons for Conflict

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with another in a series of developer blogs to introduce players to the game. In this edition, the two factions in Bless, Hieron and Union, are introduced along with an explanation of the conflict between them.

'Rhythmic Combat' Has Players Choose Stances & Skills for Battle

The Bless Steam page has been updated with a new post that provides a brief look at "rhythmic combat". Players will choose two stances out of the six available alongside four general skills from each class's pool. These skill will synergize with the stance, using a skill and then using a combo to provide "extra effects". This allows players to customize their battle plan into more action-oriented combat.

'We Aimed to Make Something New, But Still Stay True to...Fantasy Worlds'

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a look at how the lore of the game world was created. "We aimed to make something new, but still stay true to the essence of fantasy worlds" is the guiding principle behind Bless. This is embodied in the creation of the game's races, cities "and other aspects of Bless" according to the post.

Neowiz Announces May 2018 Early Access Release, Debuts New Trailer & Site

Neowiz has announced that the keenly-anticipated Bless Online will make its Steam Early Access debut in May 2018, though no more specific date is yet known. To get players even more hyped for the opportunity to play the completely revamped MMORPG, Neowiz has sent out a stunning new trailer and published an all-new web site that is packed with information for budding players. In addition, the team has presented the first details about the Emissary Program to "build & cultivate the community".

Traveling Through Bless Online Showcases Gorgeous Art & Locations

The Bless Online team is back with another fun blog post. Called "Traveling Through Bless Online Through Original Paintings", the post showcases a number of in-game locations and the concept art behind them. Viewers will be introduced to the capital cities of Spezia (Union) and Hieracon (Hieron) as well as several other "important areas that players will be exploring within the game".

Meet the Bless Team & Find Out What They Love Most About the Game

The Bless Steam page has been updated with a lengthy article to introduce the community to the development team. In a fun series of questions, readers can also find out what each developer likes best in the game. Questions cover favorite content, class/race, and what they'd each like the community to know about the game.

2018 Development Roadmap Revealed in Steam 'Dev Talk' Session

The Bless Online team has published the first in a series of 'Dev Talk' sessions with Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon. In this inaugural post, the discussion centers on the roadmap for the coming year, with particular regard to Steam development of the game. "We are extremely grateful that so many of you ... are bringing up points of concern because of your interest and enthusiasm for Bless" writes Jeon.

Dungeons to Provide Players with an 'Unforgettable Sense of Achievement'

The Bless Online team is back at work on the revamp project, complete with a new blog post on the Steam page. This time, a brief look at dungeons is provided with a bit of commentary as well as a number of screenshots. Dungeons are, according to devs, designed to be challenging content that utilizes the full breadth of each class's abilities in conjunction with those of other classes.

Global Release Slated for 2018, New FAQ Posted

The Bless team has a new post on the Steam portal page that thanks TwitchCon attendees for checking out the game's booth and for the new streaming partnerships that were discovered. In addition, a new FAQ has been posted that relays the information that Bless is heading for a global release sometime in 2018. While not specific, it does provide a "hype window".

Japanese Closed Beta Registrations Open with 10k to be Chosen for CBT2

The second Japanese Bless closed beta test will run from October 12th through October 16th. Registrations for possible inclusion have started and will be open until October 10th, with 10,000 registrants chosen to participate in CBT2. All players in CBT2 will receive an in-game t-shirt provided several tasks are completed during the event.

Rebuild Project Testing Period Begins in Korea

The Bless Online Rebuild project is expected to begin closed beta testing today. Players have been able to download the client ahead of today's start in order to begin quickly. During testing, two classes will not be included in today's test, Mystic and Ranger. Features for testing include gear evolution, item stat transfer and gear "strengthening".