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Bless Online Articles

Bless Online Officially Shut Down After A Year And A Half

Bless Online has officially shut down after a year and a half since its May 2018 launch. The game officially shut its doors yesterday, putting an end to the struggling MMORPG.

Bless Online to End Service on September 9th

Bless Online's Steam version is closing on September 9th. From June 10th through September 8th, all sales will end and prices of in-game items "will drastically decrease". Players will be able to enter all dungeons at will and drop rates will be increased. Lastly a 100% bonus to gathering, mining, guild, hunting, dungeon and combat points will be in force.

Neowiz Bless Studios to be Dissolved & Merged with Neowiz Parent Company

Though always a part of Neowiz, Neowiz Bless Studio was specifically tasked with Bless Online. However, its struggle to gain a foothold through a variety of regions and reboots has turned it into a liability. According to MMOCulture, Neowiz Bless Studios will be dissolved and absorbed into its parent company, Neowiz. Bless Unleashed is being developed by a different subsidiary, Round 8 Studio and is not affected by the merger. What impact this will have on Bless Online is unknown.

Bless Online to Receive a Big Balance Update on March 27th

On March 27th, Bless Online will be getting the "long awaited class balance update". Many of the balance changes being applied have come as a result of community feedback including PvE/PvP balance changes, a new 5th set of skills for each class, dismantling improvements, dodge/skill chaining mechanics tweaks and improvements to player inventory size.

Bless Online Previews Urdaata War Fortress Dungeon Ahead of February 20th Launch

The Bless team has posted a new preview of the Urdaata War Fortress Dungeon in preparation for its February 20th launch into the game. Players will fight their way through a number of fiery creatures and bosses on the way to Karata, the final boss. Along the way, they'll pick up rings, necklaces, enhancement materials and more.

Bless Updated with The Wise Ones' Mausoleum Elite Dungeon

Bless players looking for the ultimate challenge will want to check out the latest update to the game with the addition of The Wise Ones' Mausoleum Elite dungeon, Elite version. Designed for five players, it "offers some of the best possible gear in the game including a new legendary helmet".

Sapiens Mausoleum Dungeon & Basel Gorge Certificate of Valor Coming to Bless Next Week

On January 9th, Bless Online will be updated with a brand new dungeon and the Basel Gorge Certificate of Valor event. The dungeon gives a team of five level 50 players a huge challenge and it features a single entrance per day.

Bless Online Updated to Bring the Rift of Space & Time Back Into Service

Bless Online has been updated to reopen the Rift of Space and Time that also has an additional stage added since it was taken from the game earlier this game. Players will face off against thirty rounds and will be challenged to fight their way through a new area in order to score a chance at the new bracelet reward.

Bless Online's Rift of Time & Space to Reopen Next Week

After closing for a month, the Bless Online "Rift of Space & Time" will be reopening with an additional stage. The expanded content will feature thirty rounds, a new area to explore and a chance to earn the new bracelet reward. It is interesting to note that this content has not previously been released in any other region and that Steam players are the first to experience it.

Mystic Class Coming to Bless Online in the First Half of 2019

The Bless Online Steam page has been updated with a new producer's letter that provides reader with a peek into what the team has in mind moving in to 2019. Most notably, the Mystic class will be added in the first half of 2019. The team is at work ensuring that the class is balanced against other existing classes and ready to go when deployed.

Bless Online to Grow with the Ruber Ossuary Next Week

Bless Online is getting a new update next week that will see the addition of a new Level 50 dungeon called the Ruber Ossuary. Each faction has its own entrance and a five player party is definitely recommended to tackle the bosses inside and to grab some new gear and other rewards.

Bless Online Launch Review

From my first Early Access preview to my pre-launch Early Access Review, a lot has changed. Has Neowiz finally addressed the concerns players had leading up to their official launch, or is their new Free to Play conversion on their official western launch a too-little-too-late situation? With mild trepidation of what I may find, I return to Bless Online for my definitive Bless Online Launch Review.

Bless Online DLC Pack Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com has been given many Bless Online DLC keys for Steam to give away to our community. These keys can give Novice Packs, Warlord Packs and even Legendary Warlord Packs worth over $1800 total! Enter for a chance to win one today!

Bless Online Ruins of Shaqqara Interview

With the Ruins of Shaqqara update to Bless Online today, the game is undergoing a massive transformation across a number of features. Players will find the level cap increased, new areas to explore and a new open world battlefield. We caught up with the devs to find out more. Read on!

Bless Online Updated with the Ruins of Shaqqara Content Expansion

There's even more Bless Online to explore thanks to today's Ruins of Shaqqara content update. Players will find a new level cap of 50 and "a plethora of quality of life changes" alongside a host of bug fixes. In addition, there are two new desert zones to explore, a new level 50 dungeon, new Royal Quests, the continuation of the Union & Hieron stories, the Aspiring weapon and armor sets and more.