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    Action MMO
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    Unreal Engine
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    Think Fun
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Bless Mobile Overview

Bless Mobile, previously Bless Eternal, is a standalone free-to-play mobile MMORPG designed for Android and iOS mobile devices. Like Bless Unleashed, Bless Mobile shares assets with Bless Online but has been confirmed by publisher JOYCITY that it is a completely different game.

Bless Mobile is rendered in the Unreal 4 engine and is one of the best looking MMORPGs available to play on-the-go. There are four different races and five classes to choose from, with the combat more akin to an Action RPG than other MMOs. There are both solo and multiplayer dungeons to play through, PvP modes, player Guilds, and Life Skills you can level up like mining and fishing.

Bless Mobile does feature an autoplay mechanic so you can play while doing other things, although it doesn’t do everything for you like accept quest rewards. The cash shop features cosmetic items, mounts, and quality of life items as well as gacha summons to obtain pets and gear.


  • A Variety of Races and Classes
    4 Races and 5 Classes with their own unique characteristics. Choose your own class and maximize your true potential.
  • Amazing Character Customization
    Top quality customization at your fingertips. Create your special character that no one yet has seen.
  • A Dynamic Battle System
    Exciting battles with powerful skills and superb actions. Jump into intense battles with danger around every corner.
  • An Expansive Array of Activities
    Hone your Life Skills through fishing, gathering, and even unique adventures! Play the game at your own pace and experience to the fullest.
  • A Guild for Everyone
    Join a guild and play with players from all across the globe. Build up your guild's headquarters with your brothers-in-arms.
  • Stunning Graphics that You've Only Dreamed of
    Lifelike visuals with beautiful sceneries. Experience a true fantasy in high-quality graphics.
Bless Eternal, Mobile Version of Bless Online MMORPG, Announced by Neowiz

It looks like Neowiz, publisher of now shutdown Bless Online, has announced a mobile version of that MMO, dubbed Bless Eternal.

Bless Mobile Korean Version - Character Customization Video

ThinkFun, developer of Bless Mobile in Korea, has released a brand new trailer showing off character customization. Bless Mobile is being created using the Unreal Engine 4. According to MMOCulture, the video teases that more information about the game will be coming along in the next several days.

Bless Mobile Debut Trailer Showcases On-the-Go Gameplay

During a special media event in Korea, JoyCity showed off the first trailer from Bless Mobile. Publishers expect to launch the game in South Korea in 2018. It is based on Neowiz's Bless but will introduce a new world view and story according to MMOCulture. Notable changes include a completely different combat system and additional content not found in Bless.