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Blankos Block Party Articles

Mythical Games' John Linden Explains the Unique Details of their Social MMO in our Blankos Block Party Interview

Today, December 10th marks yet one more milestone for Mythical Games and their new MMO, Blankos Block Party, with the release of their Open Beta. As the game goes full steam ahead towards launch, the CEO of Mythical Games John Linden has kindly answered some of our questions about BBP, like their plans for monetization, what players can expect from building, and much more. Blankos Block Party boasts some groundbreaking technical aspects as well, which you can learn about in detail in our previou

Blankos Block Party Warns 5 Blankos 'Will Not be Coming Back in the Store Ever Again'

Mythical Games is putting the squeeze on players that are interested in securing a full virtual roster of Blankos on their Blankos Block Party shelf. Five of the current Season 0 Blankos, which are only available in the Private Beta, will be gone December 10th, guaranteeing their rarity for future generations to marvel at.

Blankos Block Party Hits Open Beta December 10

Blankos Block Party has announced an open beta for December 10. Here are the details.

Blankos Block Party Will Change How You Game - Developer Technology Interview

There are many 'party' style games out there, but in our interview with Senior Vice President of Business Development Rudy Koch, we talk about how Blankos Block Party easily sets itself apart from them, and it all starts from the ground up with technological advancements that will change the way we game - for the better.

Buying a Blankos Founders Pack Gets You Access to Upcoming Private Beta

Blankos Block Party has announced Founders Packs. And buying one gets you access to the Private Beta. Here are the details.