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Blade Wars Overview

Blade Wars is an action/fighting MMORPG developed in China by ChangYou.com Ltd. The game features countless martial arts styles, that allows for different skills and abilities to be chained into combos. Blade Wars' deep battle system takes into account everything from a player's level, to the time between attacks, to the player's position. Combat even allows for feigning attacks and dodging. Blade Wars also features crafting in the form of weapon creation, and even allows players to create their own music. PvP offerings range from arenas all the way to huge guild vs. guild battles.


  • Classes | Choose from five: Assassin, Knight, Shura, Warrior, and Warlock.
  • Skills | Battle Skills, Combo Skills, Ultimate Skills, Talents, Formations, Music Skills, Life Skills.
  • Items & Equipment | Players have a great variety of game items to make use of, including potions, skill books, runes, and many more.
  • Enhancement Sockets | All weapons and equipment may be enhanced, and there are twenty levels of enhancement.
  • Pets & Mounts | Pets can help you pick up items and fight, and mounts speed up character movement.
Token Shop Coming Next Week

Blade Wars devs have announced that the token shop will arrive on August 6, 2010. Players who are currently involved in the closed beta will receive a 'special surprise' when the token shop goes live on the sixth.

Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMORPG.com has been given 2000 closed beta keys for Blade Wars - a new MMORPG from ChangYou! Get your key now while supplies last!