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Dawn of the Lost Continent to Launch December 6th

By MMORPG.com Staff on November 08, 2017 | Videos | 0

Dawn of the Lost Continent to Launch December 6th

Blade & Soul will be receiving the "largest update ever" with Dawn of the Lost Continent on December 6th. Players will set sail to the new Solak location to look for the Yun city of Valindria. Players will also see a level cap increase and new ultimate Hongmoon Skills.

New Dungeons

Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent will also introduce a lot of new high-level instanced content to let you test out your new level 55 skills and discover brand new treasures! This includes a new solo Heroic, Outlaw Island, two new 6-player Heroic dungeons—Hollow's Heart and Starstone Mines, and a new 12-player raid— Snowjade Fortress.

You can check out the video and then head to the Blade & Soul site to learn more.


MMORPG.com Staff