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Blade & Soul's 10th Anniversary Video Teases In-Game Musical Instruments

Blade & Soul is celebrating 10 years of operation in South Korea, and a new video released by the developers to celebrate showcases an interesting system that could be coming to players in the future: in-game instruments.

Blade & Soul's Unreal Engine 4 Update Launching On September 8th

Blade & Soul's long-awaited Unreal Engine 4 update is finally getting a release date, hitting Europe and America on September 8th. The update doesn't just bring the MMO to a new engine, but also introduces new systems, a new class and more when it launches.

Blade & Soul Teases Their 14th Class - A Dual Blade Wielder

In a short video depicting a new dual-blade wielding character, NC Soft has officially announced the upcoming release of their 14th class. Apart from the inclusion of dual blades, not much else was detailed in the video, but some information has been divulged on the on the official Blade & Soul website as part of the Revival update.

Blade & Soul Archer Cinematic - 'Bow of the Dawn'

NCSoft has released a brand new cinematic trailer for the upcoming Archer class headed to Blade & Soul Korea later this month. The trailer offers a bit of backstory for the twelfth job and primes the hype for the future release of the Archer in the west.

Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery Event Patch Preview

The Blade & Soul team took to the airwaves earlier this week to preview the next update. Theater of Mystery will be launching into the game on December 5th and devs showed off the Earthen Realm dungeon and reminded players they will be tasked with "unmasking the deadly secrets of the Dreamsong Theater" and much more.

Blade & Soul: Blade & Ghoul Patch Preview

It's a spooky time in Blade & Soul with the imminent arrival of the Blade & Ghoul event. To celebrate the arrival of the annual Halloween event, a new trailer and details have been released.

Blade & Soul: Warden's Fury Launches with New Official Trailer

Blade & Soul players can now head into the game and dig into the new content that arrived with the Warden's Fury update. This includes "a new character class, Act 9 of the epic quest line, a new 6-player heroic dungeon and much more".

Second Look - TheHiveLeader

It's been nearly three years since TheHiveLeader played Blade & Soul. Due to a oddly high number of request, Hive's jumping back into the game to see if a second look could change his original opinion. So have the game gotten better? Let's find out!

Fire and Blood Teaser Trailer - Look for the Update on March 21st

The Blade & Soul team has posted a brand new trailer to celebrate the Fire & Blood update coming to the game on March 21st. Koldrak's Lair will challenge raid parties to "extinguish his fire once and for all". In addition, players will explore the Emperor's Tomb, the Ransacked Treasury and get to try out the brand new Lyn Gunslinger!

Dawn of the Lost Continent to Launch December 6th

Blade & Soul will be receiving the "largest update ever" with Dawn of the Lost Continent on December 6th. Players will set sail to the new Solak location to look for the Yun city of Valindria. Players will also see a level cap increase and new ultimate Hongmoon Skills.