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Blade & Soul Articles

Blade & Soul's Dark Awakening Update Brings a New Dungeon, Battle Pass Season 6 and a New Zone

Blade & Soul is back with a major update this week with Dark Awakening, which will open Battle Pass Season 6, add a new dungeon, open the Winter Treasure Trove, and much more.

Blade & Soul Resets Great Windwalk Race Leaderboards and Steps Up Bans After Cheating

The newest event in Blade & Soul, the Great Windwalk Race, has NCSoft resetting the leaderboards and stepping up bans after cheaters posted impossible times.

Blade & Soul Opens Up a Rewarding Great Windwalk Race

In the latest Blade & Soul update, the Great Windwalk Race is here for the competition and rewards.

Blade & Soul Wind Chasers Update Coming Next Week With a Windwalking Race Event to Prepare For

Blade & Soul will get its next update on November 9th. NCSoft will release more details on this smaller update, called Wind Chasers, but we already know to expect a race event as the highlight feature.

The Symphony of Destruction Has Begun in Blade & Soul With the Musician Class, Dungeon, and More

The Symphony of Destruction update is here for Blade & Soul. The update brings the 15th class, the Musician,  a music system, mounts, a new dungeon, and more.

Preview The Musician Coming This Week With Blade & Soul's Symphony of Destruction Update

Preview the Musician coming this week to Blade & Soul with this rundown of two distinct specializations available, and the overall new music system.

Blade & Soul Adds Mounts, With Horses Up First to Unlock

There's a new way to get around in Blade & Soul. If you're a little tired of walking, you'll now have the option of getting yourself a horse.

Blade & Soul Will Add the New Musician Class, Ethereal Battlegrounds, and Lots More in the October 12th Update

NCSoft is unveiling details about Blade & Soul's next major expansion, Symphony of Destruction, which will bring a new class, the Musician, a new dungeon, events, and a lot more on October 12th.

Blade & Soul Autumn Overture Update Opens Up Several Rewarding Events, and Adds New Cosmetics

Today, Blade & Soul gets the new Autumn Overture update, opening up three new events, packing in the rewards, and adding some new cosmetic items for customization.

Dawn of Darkness Arrives in Blade & Soul, With New Dungeon, Revamped Daily Challenges, and Rest Rewards

Dawn of Darkness has arrived in Blade & Soul, with the latest update adding a new solo dungeon, Shrouded Ajanara, a revamped Daily Challenge System, a new Heart tier, and several new events.

Blade & Soul's New Dungeon Previewed, and Vipercap Cavern Event Will Reward You Better If You're Quick

Shrouded Ajanara, the new solo dungeon coming this week to Blade & Soul gets a preview, and the return of Vipercap Cavern, which will reward you better if you finish it faster.

Dawn of Darkness Will Arrive in Blade & Soul Next Week With a New Dungeon and Several Events

Blade & Soul is preparing to add a new dungeon, new and returning events,  a general server chat, and some more new features in next week's update, Dawn of Darkness.

Blade & Soul Infinite Inferno Update Opens New Dungeon, and Adds the Warden's Explosive New Specialization

The Warden gets a third, explosive, specialization in the new Blade & Soul update, Infinite Inferno. The update also brings a new Mythical dungeon, new rewards, and several events.

Blade & Soul Opens a Cursed Legacy When the New Update is Out on June 8th

Cursed Legacy is the next major update for Blade & Soul. Expect a new dungeon, new quests, the return of Summer Treasure Trove, Hongsil's Workshop, Hongmoon Boot Camp, and more.

Enter New Empires in Blade & Soul With a New Dungeon, New Top-Tier Weapon Tier, New Systems, and More

New Empires open in Blade & Soul today. There's an all-new top weapons tier, new gear, several updated and new systems, new story, and much more.