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MMO Reroll: Blade & Soul

In this edition of MMO Reroll, Mitch takes a look at Blade & Soul and how it feels playing the MMO for the first time in 2020.

Bots Gone Wild

It has been nearly two months since NCSoft released an EU/NA version of Wuxia MMORPG Blade and Soul. As time has gone on, players are moving to level cap, working on increasing the power of their weapons and are engaging heavily in arena and world PvP. As mentioned previously, NCSoft’s long-term plan for BnS is arena-based PvP tournaments that are already quite successful in the South Korean market.

Finding its Niche Audience

It has been almost a month since the EU/NA version of Blade and Soul was released. Many current players have noticed a reduction of the population on servers which is to be expected, of course, though there is some thought that this will continue until the game finds its core audience.

The Weird, Wonky, and Wonderful Things So Far

I’ve been playing Blade & Soul a lot since its Head Start began late last week, and today I’m happy to report that I’m still having a good time, for now. The core of B&S enjoyment, at least for me, is in the game’s combat, PVP, and group dungeons. The combat essentially being the chief reason I’d recommend people play this F2P MMORPG. But that doesn’t mean NCSOFT’s most recent effort is perfect.

Head Start = No Start

I was hoping to be able to write an article about gameplay in BnS, the first of a new column, but after running into numerous issues installing the game, let alone playing it, this is the sad panda result.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Played Blade & Soul

Start, finally getting our bearings officially and starting our own small clan on the Old Man Cho server. We’re sure many of you have played or dabbled in the closed beta events, but for those launching themselves finally into this Eastern Wuxia themed MMORPG, we’ve put together a list of things we wish we would have known going in.

Calling All Founders!

Want to be among the first to try out the Western adaptation of Blade & Soul? We spoke to NCSoft West about the freshly-launched founders packs, and when we’ll be able to get a slice of that Wuxia-themed action.

Five Things We Want from Western Blade & Soul

Whenever an MMO is localized to the West from a different country, there are a whole host of challenges involved. Not only does all of the dialogue have to be translated, but content has to be localized as well. Material may have to be changed or censored or updated for a new audience and payment models are almost never the same.