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Blade & Soul Articles

Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been give special gift keys for Blade & Soul that give players really cool items such as Hongmoon Unsealing Charms, Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup and much more. Get your key now, get in the game and get your free gift!

Desolate Tomb Overview & Patch Notes

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a brief overview of tomorrow's Desolate Tomb update alongside the official patch notes. Desolate Tomb brings a new high end dungeon, a new Whirlwind Valley event, battleground improvements and a significant number of class balance changes.

Desolate Tomb Update to Go Live on August 24th

Blade & Soul will be getting a significant update on August 24th. Called "Desolate Tomb", the update brings a new dungeon, quality of life improvements, weapon evolution discounts and a brand new DPS meter to help keep track of bodacious damage.

Devs Taking Steps to Address Weapon Upgrade Costs

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a new post to let players know of forthcoming changes to the weapons upgrade system. Evolution costs for Silverfrost weapons will be reduced by 30% along with greater opportunities to collect Moonstones. New weapon paths will further reduce weapon upgrade material costs by another 50%.

Hongmoon Rising Prequel Announced by NCSoft

2P.com is reporting that NCSoft and TenCent have announced a prequel to Blade & Soul called "Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising". This will be a completely separate game that will share the game universe, a similar skill system and character relationships. The future ostensibly holds VR support and mobile deployment as well.

Shadows of the Innocents Content Update Coming July 20th

NCSoft has sent word that the first information has been delivered to the Blade & Soul site about the next content expansion that is set to hit live servers on July 20th. Called Shadows of the Innocents, new content includes Acts 5 and 6 that continues the story line after the fall of the Dark Lord. In addition, Three new heroic dungeons will be incoming, one of which features 4- or 6-players, the other a 24-player instanced dungeon.

Linked Server Groups Announced for July 14th

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a new blog post that lays out the first details about 'linked server groups' coming to the game on July 14th. Servers will be linked via language with world zones connected for game play purposes. Linked servers will have combined Faction populations with servers matched to keep balance as equitable as possible.

Costume Design Contest 2016 Begins

Blade & Soul players with a creative bent will want to check out all of the details about this year's Costume Design Contest. One outfit will be chosen to have their design included as an in-game costume. There are a number of requirements that need to be met in order to enter the contest, so be sure to swing by the Blade & Soul site to learn more.

Soul Fighter Class Arrives

NCSoft West has announced that the latest update has been applied to Blade & Soul servers that brings the new hybrid class, the Soul Fighter, into the game. The Soul Fighter takes advantage of a pair of fighting styles, Force Master and Kung-Fu Master, that provides a unique battle flavor to B&S.

Soulfighter Incoming & Much More in the Future

Since launch, Blade and Soul has maintained a steady cadence of updates and classes to play, and next week NCsoft will be launching the soul fighter. Available to the Jin, Gon, and Yun races, this hybrid blends the martial styles of the force master and kung fu master to create a flexible class capable of dishing out pain at both range and in melee.

Soul Fighter Class Week Begins

Blade & Soul players looking forward to June 22nd's release of the new Soul Fighter class will want to keep tabs on the official site throughout this week as more information will be revealed throughout. Today's installment starts with a brand new game play trailer that shows off some of the abilities brought to Blade & Soul. Check it out!

Soul Fighter Class Coming on June 22nd

Blade & Soul Producer Nico Coutant has posted a new letter on the official site to talk about how the game has changed over the first four months of its life and gives a small peek ahead at what the balance of 2016 will bring to players and fans.

Vengeance Breaks Update Now Live

Blade & Soul players will want to check out today's big update now that the Vengeance Breaks patch has been successfully deployed. There are three new heroic dungeons, Silverfrost Mountains: Act 4, Part 2, the Tower of Infinity, and Hongmoon level 15 to look forward to in addition to the brand new pet system.

New Pet System Provides Defensive Player Buffs

When the next Blade & Soul update, Vengeance Breaks, is released on June 1st, players at level 50 will be able to obtain and collect a variety of pets from Heroic dungeons or pet pouches from the Hongmoon Store. Pets are not just eye candy either as each one, depending on rarity, can provide a powerful defensive boon to players.

Vengeance Breaks Update to Deploy June 1st

The next significant update to Blade & Soul is being readied for deployment on all servers on June 1, 2016. Called Vengeance Breaks, the update includes Silverfrost Mountains Act 4, Part 2; three new heroic dungeons; the "ultimate single player challenge" called Tower of Infinity; new pets; and Hongmoon Level 15.