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Blade & Soul Articles

Nightfall Sanctuary Part 2 Opens with Celestial Dawn Update on June 20th

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a preview of the second part of the Nightfall Sanctuary raid that will open when the Celestial Dawn content expansion arrives on June 20th. The post provides details on the requirements necessary in order to enter the raid as well as a forward look at the locations, bosses that will be found inside and what rewards players can earn.

New Greatsword-Wielding Tank Character Class Coming in 2018

The latest Blade & Soul producer's letter has been published on the game's official site that starts with a look back at the first three years and provides a peek ahead at what is yet to come.

Eternal Night Update Launches

Blade & Soul has been updated with the Eternal Night patch that brings new content to high end players. Players will find the first part of the Nightfall Sanctuary raid as well as a Heroic 6-player dungeon called the Sandstorm Temple found somewhere in the Zasteri Badlands. In addition, there is a brand new Legendary Soul Shield and other gear to be found and a bunch of quality-of-life improvements.

New 'Vision Preview' Shows Move to Unreal Engine 4

NCSoft has put out a new Korean Blade & Soul video called a 'vision preview' that speaks about new features and a conversion process soon to be underway to move the game into the Unreal Engine 4. The release timeline for the upgraded engine remains unknown, but players can expect huge visual and rendering improvements.

Eternal Night to Debut on May 9th with Balance & Mechanics Changes

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a new developer blog post that lays out the basic details about forthcoming mechanics and balance changes coming with the Eternal Night update on May 9th. Players can look forward to improvements in dungeon rewards, rebalanced upgrade costs, simplified combat controls and item changes. The full preliminary patch notes have been published on the site to see which items specifically will be receiving attention.

Rumble in the Realm 1v1 Rookie Tournament & 3v3 Tournament Registrations Open

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with dates and information about forthcoming tournaments. Registrations for both the 1v1 Rookie Tournament and the 3v3 Tournament are open for North America and Europe. Both tournaments offer winners a chance at cash prizes as well as swag and in-game loot.

Automaton Assault Event Dungeon to Run from April 11 to May 2

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a new post to reveal the Automaton Assault Event Dungeon that will run from April 11th to May 2nd. During the event, six players of level 50+ will "help Hongsil regain control of Princess Bloodlust". After heading to Hongsil's Workshop and completing the Automaton Assault, players will receive a themed chest will contain event tokens and one cannon token and can contain other rewards.

Fire & Blood Update Brings 12-Player Raid & More

Blade & Soul has been updated with the Fire & Blood content expansion. Players will find a number of new features including a 12-player raid called Koldrak's Lair, the level 55 6-player Ransacked Treasury dungeon, and a new solo location called Emperor's Tomb. In addition, players will be able to create and play the Lyn Gunslinger for the first time.

Fire and Blood Teaser Trailer - Look for the Update on March 21st

The Blade & Soul team has posted a brand new trailer to celebrate the Fire & Blood update coming to the game on March 21st. Koldrak's Lair will challenge raid parties to "extinguish his fire once and for all". In addition, players will explore the Emperor's Tomb, the Ransacked Treasury and get to try out the brand new Lyn Gunslinger!

Call of the Deep Update to Arrive February 7th

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a brief note to let players know that the Call of the Deep patch will be released on February 7th. New content includes a new Heroic dungeon, a 6v6 PvP battleground and much more.

Blade and Soul Silver Saberfang Box Sweepstakes!

Blade & Soul is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and to help celebrate this we are offering up 75 codes that will give players 10 of the "Silver Saberfang Box" which features a number of impressive costumes, including its namesake, the Silver Saberfang set. These keys are valued at $10 each. Enter now for a chance to win one of these very special prizes!

You Can Party in Your Birthday Suit to Celebrate B&S's 2nd Anniversary

Yes, you read that right. Blade & Soul is turning two and you're getting a NEW birthday suit to celebrate! Starting January 17th, players completing Daily Dungeon Quests and Daily Challenges will be able to get hold of the Purity costume in order to show your love and support of the game. In addition, you can also purchase anniversary fireworks and other nifty things.

Dawn of the Lost Continent Launching Tomorrow with New Level Cap & More

Blade & Soul will be getting a massive update on Wednesday, December 6th when the Lost Continent launches. It brings with it an increased level cap (to 55), Hongmoon Ultimate Skills, a brand new area with four heroic dungeons and a new chapter in the game's overarching storyline.

Big System Updates Include Wardrobe Enhancements & More

Blade & Soul will be updated on December 6th with the Lost Continent content expansion. There are a number of big changes coming to some of the game's systems including the Wardrobe feature, time-based rewards perks, "processing" updates, mouse toggle and more.

Get a Free Explorer's Pack that Includes a Level 50 Character Just for Logging In

If you've ever had a Blade & Soul account, you'll want to log in to claim your free Lost Continent Explorer's Pack that includes a free level 50 boost, a Training Equipment Chest, a Training Gem Pouch and a Training Consumables Pack. This helps players who may not have logged in for awhile get ready for the huge Lost Continent content update coming in December.