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Blackguards 2 Overview

Blackguards 2 is a turn-based RPG sequel to Blackguards, set three years later. Players adventure through the lands of Aventuria with a woman named Cassia, seeking the throne, at the center. Your mission will be to recruit mercenaries from around the workd, commanding up to 20 characters in the party, through multiple possible non-linear paths. The game features over 20 hours of story-based, twisting gameplay, turn-based RPG combat, and player decisions that affect how you play as well as the ending you receive.

  • Story, Tactics, Glory | With 20 hours of gameplay, Blackguards 2 promises lots of twisting plots and strategic, turn-based RPG battles. With the discovery of the Vanquishers of the Nine Hordes and the mission to unseat the ruler on hand, glory might be yours.
  • Progress Your Way | Choose your play style, spells, talents, and overall skills to get through the game. Manage a party of up to 20 wisely to give you your best shot at getting through some of the game's tougher battles. All the skills, spells, and abilities your team might possess are also in enemy hands too.
  • Discover Many New Paths | The developers promise multiple, non-linear ways to progress through the game, as well as interaction with the environment--destroy some walls, find new routes--and more. With decisions you make along the way having the potential to affect the story's outcome, and your armies can change, the game is designed to be replayable.
Patch to Be Delivered on Thursday

Daedalic Entertainment has announced that the first patch for Blackguards 2 will be delivered to users on Thursday, February 5th. The patch will address several key issues, including story progression issues, balance issues and many bug fixes and alterations.

Waging a Campaign to Rule the World

Blackguards 2 is the sequel to 2013’s strategy role playing game Blackguards by Daedalic Entertainment. At the beginning of Blackguards you will find yourself at the bottom of a dungeon and at the edge of your sanity with your only companions a jailer who hates you and spiders that want to eat you. From these humble beginnings you will wage a campaign to rule the world.