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First Impressions - Seems We've Been Here Before

Steampunk has been an obsession of gamers for a long time, but it’s criminally underrepresented in most MMORPGs. Snail Games aimed to partially alleviate that concern by smashing both steampunk and fantasy flavors together into one massive and varied free-to-play MMORPG called Black Gold Online. BGO has a lot in common with one of its developers other titles, Age of Wushu, both in terms of visuals, mechanics, and underlying systems.

Steampunk Meets Fantasy & They Punch Each Other

To say that the world of Black Gold Online (BGO) brings together steampunk and fantasy would be a bit misleading. The two genres definitely play a large thematic role in Snail Games’ new MMORPG, but it’s not a collaborative one. BGO pits steampunk and fantasy against one another in a two-faction PvP conflict over a newly discovered mystical energy source: the eponymous Black Gold.

Hands-On with Snail's Steampunk MMO

In a world split by a giant mountain range, two distinct cultures evolve: a Steampunk society that values technology and a tribal society that values sacred magic. Inevitably, they clash. It's an intriguing idea that serves as the foundation for what could be a very compelling PvP-oriented MMO.

E3 2013 Preview

Snail Games has been coming on strong in 2013, first with the release of Age of Wushu and now with the announcement that steampunk-high fantasy hybrid Black Gold is on the way. At E3 this year, we managed some quality time with Black Gold and have a terrific preview to share. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.