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Pearl Abyss Talks MMO Market In New Interview

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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In a new interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Pearl Abyss America's CEO Jeonghee Jin spoke about MMO markets, as well as the success of Black Desert Online. Speaking with the outlet at Pocket Gamer Connect, Jin makes mention how the MMO market is diverging, citing player standards and expectations growing as more and more MMOs are being released and experienced.

"Personally I think the MMO markets are diverging. People's standards and expectations are getting higher and higher because they have experienced a lot of different MMOs by now, and they... want to know what these MMOs can offer in terms of technology, graphics, and the game experience."

As a result of this, according to Jin, the MMO market is moving in two disparate directions: one where developers are creating larger experiences repleat with "modern conveniences," while others are opting for a more "rugged and stripped-back" experience, a la Old School Runescape or WoW Classic

Additionally, according to Jin, competition is even more fierce nowadays even with fewer experiences hitting and lasting in today's market. For Pearl Abyss' title, Black Desert Online, the team put its technology first, focusing on the engine and the experience that they truly want to create as a result. To Jin, this helps the game compete in the marketplace today, compared to other MMOs which shutter after only a few years.

It's an interesting interview with some great insight into the MMO games industry. Definitely check out the full interview over here.


Joseph Bradford

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