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New Compose and Play Feature Comes to Black Desert

Plus a new login event

By Poorna Shankar on May 21, 2020 | News | 0

A new feature called Compose and Play has hit Black Desert, allowing players to create musical compositions.

Additionally, this feature includes an editor to facilitate this composition creation, where can compose music on any character. Notably, players will have to use the Shai class to play their composition. You can create multiple tracks of music with a variety of sounds to create a rich musical masterpiece.

Additional details on this tool were explained in the accompanying press release which discuses the actual musical composition. Compositions can vary in BPM, time signature and amount of instruments played and can easily be shared with other players.

After unlocking Shai’s unique ‘Talent’ at level 56, players can further improve their musical skills. It’s also possible to form an ensemble of multiple Shai characters playing their instruments and compositions together.

Finally, a new login event started that can yield players with up to $100 in premium items. By logging in every day they can earn, among other things, a wizard mini pet, a special service maid, and a very convenient buff called The Book of Old Moon. The event started this Wednesday and will run up until June 3rd. You can click here for a full rundown of the event and other seasonal promotions can be found. 


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