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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online Preview: Lando Might Be The Best Part Of The Mountain Of Eternal Winter Expansion

Of all the creatures and people I've run into in my time with the Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion of Black Desert Online, which releases today, the little fox guy who greeted me at the get go has got to be my favorite. Lando gives off some serious goofy energy, which is much appreciated next to the rather dark and somber story Pearl Abyss is telling.

Black Desert Online's Eternal Winter Expansion Goes Live With New Region and New Drakania Class

Eternal Winter has arrived, as Black Desert Online's new expansiongoes live, bringing the new Drakania class, the Mountain of Eternal Winter region, new monster zones, mechanics, and rewards to discover.

Black Desert Online Game Pass And Kuku Pet Giveaway

Pearl Abyss has teamed up with MMORPG.com to give away 200 codes for Black Desert Online's in-game Kuku Pet, as well as full access to the MMORPG. These codes also include expanded inventory space, experience scrolls, and more.

Black Desert's Latest Class, Drakania, Unleashes The Dragon In The Flashiest Way Imaginable

Black Desert's upcoming Eternal Winter expansion will be here soon, and with it will come a new class in the long-running MMORPG. The Drakania, a greatsword-wielding class, leans into its Dragonborn roots in the flashiest way possible: with fire and style.

Black Desert Console Gets New Region, O'dyllita, in Latest Update

O'dyllita is the newest region added to Black Desert Console. Ash Forest, a new hunting ground, also arrives, featuring some of the toughest monsters you can face.

Black Desert Online Previews Balenos Overhaul, Upcoming Changes in Eternal Winter and Beyond

Pearl Abyss has revealed some more changes coming to Black Desert Online, beginning with the Eternal Winter expansion, including a Balenos overhaul, NPC graphic improvements, and more.

Black Desert Releases New Story and Combat Trailer for Latest Class Drakania

Pearl Abyss is ready to release their 24th class in Black Desert Online, the Drakania. The highly mobile class that wields the Slayer and Shard will channel pure draconic rage to devastate their enemies. The new class will release along with the Eternal Winter expansion, currently slated for April 6th.

Black Desert Online Update Overhauls Guild Combat Quests, Adds Events, and Brings Back the Fwuzzy Alpaca

New events, overhauled guild combat quests, and the return of the Fwuzzy Alpaca mount arrive in the latest update for Black Desert Online.

Eternal Winter Comes to Black Desert Online With the New Expansion on April 6th

The Eternal Winter expansion for Black Desert Online will be out on April 6th.  Pearl Abyss announced the release date with new details on the region, monsters, and dangers you'll face, along with a new trailer.

Black Desert Online Adds Artifacts & Lightstones and Celebrates Two Anniversaries With Events and Rewards

Black Desert Online has unveiled its new Artifacts and Lightstones for custom builds. Plus, a couple of major anniversaries mean it's time to celebrate and get rewarded.

The Mountain of Eternal Winter Coming to Black Desert Online in April

Black Desert Online will get a new snowy region, new quests, monsters, and more when the Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion arrives in April.

Celebrate With Lucky Chocolates in Black Desert Online and Prepare to Join the GMs for Node War

It's time for a new series of events in Black Desert Online. Celebrate Valentine's Day with Lucky Chocolates and join the GMs with your guild for Node War.

Black Desert Online Talks New And Upcoming Quality of Life Updates to Storage, Inventory, and More

Black Desert Online has recently gotten some new quality of life updates and the team is working on several upcoming ones that will affect storage, inventory, and more.

Black Desert Online Fixes Classes, Starts Events, While Pearl Abyss Claims 230% Increase in New Daily Players

Black Desert Online's latest update starts new events while the rebooted classes get some fixes and support. Pearl Abyss is noting some significant growth in new daily players.

Black Desert Console Has Character Reset Update Delayed Until Further Notice

The planned update for Black Desert Console, which would bring about the extensive character class reboots, has been postponed until further notice.