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Black Desert Online Articles

Drakania Awakening Arrives to Unleash the Power of Dragons in Black Desert Online and Console

It's time to unlease wind and dragon flame as Drakania Awakening arrives today in Black Desert. In a first, players on PC and console get the update on the same day.

Preview: Black Desert Online's Drakania Awakening Improves The Class Across The Board

Drakania is awakened, and Nick took the new, more powerful form of the class for a spin this past weekend. How does it compare to its normal state that released earlier this year, and should you check out the Drakania yourself this week? Nick explains in his latest preview.

Should More MMOs Revamp Older Questlines To Make Them More Streamlined?

Recently, Black Desert revamped its Balenos quest chain to make it a bit more streamlined for newer players. It got Bradford thinking: more MMORPGs should follow suit.

Black Desert Online Adds Convenient Item Search Feature, Revamps the Hashashin, and Adds New Quests

This week's Black Desert Online update revamps the Hashashin class, adds an item search feature, adds quest content, and fixes.

Unleash the Power of the Dragons When Awakening Drakania Comes to Black Desert Online on July 27th

Drakania Awakening is coming on July 27th to Black Desert Online. This version of Drakania has two forms to switch between, with Dragonblood form ready to unleash her full destructive power on enemies.

Black Desert Online Takes Us to Paradise Lost, Revamps Maewha Class, and Adds Some Quality of Life Fixes

Black Desert Online is taking us to Paradise Lost. The latest update has also revamped the barter system, made some balance changes, and continued work on UI and text improvements.

Black Desert Online Adds New Alpha Pet System, Tweaks Gear-Equalized PvP, and Makes Using Blacksmith Easier

The update for Black Desert Online adds tier 5 pets and Alpha Pets, efficiency improvements to the blacksmith, new musical instruments, some balance changes, and tweaks to Arena of Solare.

Black Desert Online Adds First 3v3 Gear-Equalized PvP Mode, Arena of Solare

Black Desert Online's latest update adds its first 3v3 PvP arena, Arena of Solare, along with a corresponding event and preseason, and a special new tool bag for gathering.

Black Desert Online Adds Private Monster Zones, Rebalances Rewards to Broaden PvE Options

Black Desert Online is introducing private monster zones and improving monster zone rewards in its latest update in an effort to improve PvE content.

Black Desert Online Gets Artifact Presets, World Boss Improvements, and More Skippable Cutscenes

The latest Black Desert Online update brings some quality of life changes, world boss improvements, the new Artifact Preset function, and more adjustments.

Black Desert Console Getting the Drakania Class This Month,  Pre-Registration Begins Tomorrow

The Destroyer of Ynix, Drakania, arrives in Black Desert Console soon, and with the latest update, you'll be able to pre-create her before the official release later this month. 

It's Hunting Time in Black Desert Online, With the Latest Update Bringing O'dyllita Part 2 and Rare Animals

O'dyllita Part 2 opens in Black Desert Online's latest update, which also brings new Hunting Grounds and rewards, improved pet looting, some new creatures, quality of life updates for combat, as well as class changes.

PAX East 2022: Interview With Black Desert Online's Executive Producer Jaehee Kim

At PAX East, Anthony had the chance to meet up with Black Desert Online Executive Producer Jaehee Kim and talk all things Mountain of Eternal Winter and the recent Drakania class.

Black Desert Eternal Winter Goes Big; Falls Short of Expectations

After much anticipation, the latest expansion for Black Desert Online dropped earlier this month. The Eternal Winter update added both a new class and an entirely new region. Did it live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Black Desert Online Starts Improvement of New Adventurer Experience, Tweaks Items, and Begins Events

The latest update for Black Desert Online includes class balance changes, fixes, and the beginning of some overhauls to improve the new player experience.