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Black Desert Adding Hashashin On Consoles July 22nd As Timed Console Exclusive

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Adding Hashashin On Consoles July 22nd As Timed Console Exclusive

Black Desert recently revealed its Hashashin class coming to the Korean MMORPG, and now we know when. Xbox One and PS4 players can jump in as the Hashashin started on July 22nd as a timed console exclusive. 

The Hashashin class is the 19th character class to be added to the MMORPG, and, according to Pearl Abyss, holds the "power of a Valencian god." As a result, Hashashin players can use sandstorms, as well as the Shamshir sword to cut down your enemies.

You can pre-make your Hashashin right now in Black Desert and those who do can expect to see some rewards for their trouble in the form of Inventory expansion coupons and more. The trailer released this morning doesn't exactly show off the Hashashin in action, but you can get a sense of his character from the brief story touched on in the short trailer. 

As far as the timed exclusivity of the release, the official post on the Black Desert website confirms that the global market will recevie the new Hashashin class first on console, after only the PC version in Korea getting the class. At the moment there doesn't seem to be a release date for the Hashashin on the PC versions outside of Korea.


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