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Preview: Black Desert Online's Drakania Awakening Improves The Class Across The Board

Drakania is awakened, and Nick took the new, more powerful form of the class for a spin this past weekend. How does it compare to its normal state that released earlier this year, and should you check out the Drakania yourself this week? Nick explains in his latest preview.

Black Desert Online Preview: Lando Might Be The Best Part Of The Mountain Of Eternal Winter Expansion

Of all the creatures and people I've run into in my time with the Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion of Black Desert Online, which releases today, the little fox guy who greeted me at the get go has got to be my favorite. Lando gives off some serious goofy energy, which is much appreciated next to the rather dark and somber story Pearl Abyss is telling.

Black Desert's Latest Class, Drakania, Unleashes The Dragon In The Flashiest Way Imaginable

Black Desert's upcoming Eternal Winter expansion will be here soon, and with it will come a new class in the long-running MMORPG. The Drakania, a greatsword-wielding class, leans into its Dragonborn roots in the flashiest way possible: with fire and style.

Black Desert Mobile Preview

Nearly 4 years ago, a Korean MMO by the name of Black Desert Online launched in the west by developer Pearl Abyss. Despite the PC version receiving high marks here, there was an exorbitant amount of skepticism that the mobile version would bring the same kind of depth to the mobile space. With the mobile MMO space growing at an increasing rate, how does Pearl Abyss’ premiere title fare on the small screen?

Shooting Stuff with the Black Desert Online Archer

To my dismay, Black Desert Online hasn’t quite evolved into the group PVE direction I wanted when I reviewed the game years ago. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on Pearl Abyss’ wonderfully complex and gorgeous MMO. I still go back every so often, but it’s been several months since my last visit. This time, my return was brought on by the Legolas-But-Not-Really Archer, the new male ranger class that was added this week.

Black Desert XBox One Preview - Trading My Way to the Top

When I first checked out Black Desert Online for PC a few years back, I was instantly taken aback by how strikingly beautiful it looked. Black Desert Online is a demanding and one of the visually impressive games in the genre, which is also why at that moment I never thought it could work on a console.

Sailing the Margorian Seas - Gamescom Preview

Naval themes seemed to be out in force at Gamescom. If it wasn't spaceships in the void, it was more down to earth ships cutting through the high seas. Black Desert Online was very much included in this and is working towards their Margoria expansion. Kakao Games, formerly Daum Games, along with Pearl Abyss have invited us to try our hands at sailing the Margorian seas and awakening new power in your characters.

Its Third Chance at a First Impression - Can It Still Impress?

The day has finally come and servers are live for the Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha for the first time. For Lock, however, this will be the third chance at a first impression. Can Black Desert still impress?

The Sun Sets on RU CBT - Road to Open Beta Begins

Tuesday, September 15th marked the beginning of the second phase of the closed beta test for the Russian version of Black Desert Online. GameNet, publisher of BDO in Russia, took feedback from the first phase into consideration and made some significant changes to the game since then. Among the most notable are: pushing the level for PvP to 30 up from 20, nearly complete localization, a smoother leveling curve and more.

Russian Closed Beta Report - Does GameNet Deliver?

The 28th of May marked the beginning of the first phase of closed beta-testing for the Russian version of Black Desert. MMORPG.com had the opportunity to participate in the CBT along with the other testers.

Korean Closed Beta Preview

Pearl Abyss is a studio with something to prove. That’s the feeling I get after spending a day beta testing the Korean version of Black Desert. The game has plenty of dull edges that need to be polished out, but the basic shape is already visible.

E3 2013 - Our First Look

During E3 last week, we managed to get one of the first-ever views of Pearl Abyss's Black Desert. Check out our preview and then let us know what you think in the comments.