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Pearl Abyss New IPs Receive Trailers

Poorna Shankar | Posted: Nov 15, 2019 9:30 AM
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We had previously reported that Pearl Abyss, developers of Black Desert, announced new IPs. Well, now we have trailers and new information via press release.

PLAN 8 is a new exosuit MMO shooter developed by Minh Le as Technical Advisor and Seungki Lee as Lead Producer. Minh Le is well known for being the co-creator of the Counter-Strike series and brings his expertise in the shooter genre, while Seungki Lee worked as the former environment art director of Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile.

DokeV revolves around a wide variety of unique creatures, known as “dokebi,” that grow and gain power from people’s dreams. Sang Young Kim, the former Animation Director for Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile, is spearheading this new open world adventure as the Lead Producer, along with Suh Won Choi, former Game Design Director of Black Desert Online, as the Development Producer. An MMORPG for all ages, DokeV is currently aiming for a beta test in 2020.

Crimson Desert is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Pywel. Crimson Desert is currently aiming for a beta test for PC & console in 2020. While the name “Crimson Desert” was originally a region within Black Desert, the team notes that Crimson Desert is in fact not a sequel, but a whole new IP. The title started as the prequel to Black Desert, but during development Pearl Abyss began to create an entirely different storyline and a whole new set of characters.

And finally, Shadow Arena originated as a mode within Black Desert where 50 players fought against each other to be the last man standing. A fantasy arena fighter game, Shadow Arena features two modes, individual and team, where players will experience a unique action-packed combat system. The closed beta test for Shadow Arena is set to begin on 11/21 through 11/24. Register now to take part in the CBT on the official Shadow Arena website. Shadow Arena is currently aiming to launch in first half of 2020.


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