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Nouver World Boss Out Now on Black Desert Mobile

By Poorna Shankar on February 18, 2020 | News | 0

A new world boss is now available on Black Desert Mobile as part of the latest update.

The dragon, called Nouver, is described as a force of nature who rules of the desert. Nouver is meant for players level 55 and up, but defeating him will see you significantly rewarded with the Grand Black Stone, with a higher probability of drop than other world bosses, and the Abyssal sub-weapon.

The Abyssal sub-weapon in particular is said to possess Nouver’s powerful aura, and is one of the best offensive weapons in the world of Black Desert Mobile according to the accompanying press release.

Additional information of the update includes new events and the Ascension system, which is the new skill set for character classes. Ascension skills will give Adventurers the opportunity to be more powerful, and the system will be introduced in the next update. While the details about this system will be revealed next week, Adventurers can prepare for Ascension through various events. By defeating a set number of monsters and completing various quests, a full Epic grade armor set will be rewarded.

You can check out the latest patch notes here.



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