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Black Desert PS4 Receives Striker and Tamer Classes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert gamers on PS4 will be able to check out the Striker and Tamer today.

The Striker features a mix of brawler and traditional martial arts with the following skills:

  • Adamantine
  • Twisted Collision
  • Somersault
  • Massive Suppression

The Tamer, on the other hand, carries a shortsword and trinket into combat, and has the following skills:

  • Summon Heilang
    • Command: Attack - Command Heilang to attack nearby enemies
    • Command: Stay - Command Heilang to wait for your next instruction
    • Command: Follow - Heilang will stop what is doing and come back
    • Command: Sit - Heilang will sit/lie down. During this time you will recover HP.
  • Void Lightning
  • Heilang: Roaring

Check out the full details, including lore, here.


Poorna Shankar

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