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Black Desert PS4 Adds Awakened Skills to Striker and Tamer Classes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert on PS4 has received Awakened Skills for the Striker and Tamer classes.

As announced via press release, The Striker skills break down as follows:

  • Echo Spirit - Summon the Striker’s spiritual alter-ego to bring down the apocalypse onto enemies.
  • Infernal Destruction - Bring down enemies with a leg-sweep followed by a powerful punch.
  • Skull Crusher - Spin in the air and and use the momentum to knock enemies down with a downward kick.
  • Rampaging Predator - Relentlessly chase down enemies and unleash a flurry of attacks.

While the Tamer skills include,

  • Allround Spinner - Spins the Celestial Bo Staff around, striking enemies from all directions.
  • Legendary Beast Dance - Channel the spirits of the four legendary beasts through your Celestial Bow Staff to perform different attacks on your enemies.
  • Flow: Cloud Ride - Using the Celestial Bo Staff, Tamer launches herself forwards dealing damage and knocking enemies down.

Additionally, new world bosses are added in Quint and Muraka. Finally, fairy companions have been added which will provide auto-potions and desert drinks, instant resurrections, and more.


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