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Black Desert Online Reveals New Hashashin Class

Plus more roadmap updates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Hashashin class for Black Desert has been revealed, along with additional roadmap 2020 details. Here’s what you need to know.

The new class, the Hashashin, is described as a warrior with the ability to manipulate sandstorms. For example, he can use them to mask his escape from danger, or to obscure his opponents to gain the advantage. His main weapon is the Shamshir used for melee combat.

The desert is his friend as he’s able to traverse slightly faster while in the desert, in addition to inheriting a resistance to desert diseases. After you Awaken him, “his faith in Aal” will increase. This has the effect of him gaining hidden power. You can see a short clip of him using his Apostle’s Descent skill below, allowing him to teleport to a specific location. He’s also able to create sandstorms as outlined above.

The update also covers off Thornwood Fortress, which is new content. This includes a five player PvP + boss raid type content. The update also touches on horse races, grand prix, bounties, and zodiac signs.

Perhaps notably, specialized servers are touched upon,

“As our Adventurers continued to progress, leveling became much faster, and hunting grounds in the initial leveling routes are being forgotten. For example, the Fogan and the Red Orc regions in Serendia are traversed only once during the leveling process and never seen again.

Here we seek to develop a new system: a special server where the power of Hadum continues to grow stronger. In these specialized servers where the power of Hadum grows, monsters in lower level zones will become greatly empowered. As such, those forgotten hunting grounds mentioned earlier will become dangerous once more.”

You can catch the full update here.


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