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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online's Ulukita Update Is Live Today, Complete With Overview Video To Get You Up To Speed

Black Desert's Ulukita update has gone live, bringing a new main quest addition, monster zone and more to the long-running MMORPG. To accompany today's update, the team at Pearl Abyss have dropped a new overview video to get players up to speed on what to expect when stepping into Ulukita.

Prince Bareeds III Returns, Arena of Solare Expands, and Holidays are On in Black Desert Online

The region of Ulukita is expanding in Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss has announced a new zone, Darkseeker's Retreat, expanded Arena of Solare, holiday events, and more.

Black Desert Online Has First Round of Class Improvements, and Pearl Abyss Announces Upcoming Content

Pearl Abyss has a new Black Desert Online update, and updates from recent "Late Night Talks" where they unveiled some responses to community feedback, plans, and new items out starting today.

Pearl Abyss Will Be Holding Black Desert Online's Calpheon Ball In December

Pearl Abyss has announced it's bringing back its in-person celebration of Black Desert, the Calpheon Ball. This year's event will take place in the developer's home country of Korea and cover both the mainline MMO and its Mobile version.

Black Desert Online Increases Alchemy Core Materials  Supply, Boosts Low-Level Monster Zones

The latest update for Black Desert Online makes changes to improve Alchemy and resource supply, fixes bugs, and improves monster zones and rewards.

Black Desert Offers Spooky, Rewarding Halloween Festivities Across All Platforms

The world of Black Desert is getting spooky and rewarding, a fun blend of Halloween celebrations that extends across different celebrations on PC, console, and mobile. 

Black Desert Console Adds Three Mythical Horses, Endless Season Servers, and Maegu Awakening

Black Desert Console's new update adds three Mythical horses, new horse gear, and opens the endless Season Server. Maegu Awakening also brings her deadly grace to the console version of the game.

Black Desert Online Devs Preview New Monster Zone, Prince Bareeds Quest, and War of the Roses Conquest War

Pearl Abyss has shared a brand new behind the scenes developer commentary on the new Ulukita monster zone and the upcoming War of the Roses Conquest War. 

Black Desert Online Opens Permanent Season Servers, Adds New Season Items, and Updates on Great Ocean

Black Desert Online has opened up its permanent season servers, letting everyone join and graduate their characters when they're ready. The latest update also added  additional season related content, including new materials, and gifts, alongside fixes, and helpful tweaks. 

Black Desert Online Set to Introduce Endless Season Servers September 20th

Black Desert Online, a popular MMORPG, has recently announced significant changes to its Season Server system. Starting September 20th, players will be introduced to the Endless Season Server system!

Black Desert Online Makes Guild Wars Fairer, Improves Horses, and Promises Sea Route Improvements

Black Desert Online's latest update brings the usual slate of fixes and balance changes, but also some major changes to make guild wars fairer. In addition, there are improvements to movement and mounts, and an update on The Great Ocean.

Mysterious Pirates Come to Black Desert Online, as Black Desert Console is Free for PlayStation Plus

On PC, Black Desert Online faces the ghostly, fiery threat of the Margoria Pirate Fleet. Black Desert Console, Traveler Edition, is free this month for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Black Desert Online Wraps Sea Palace Events, Offers Goodbye Summer Bonuses and Gifts

Black Desert Online is offering some late summer bonuses via new events,  the Sea Palace is now in a time of peace, and the player experience has been improved with the latest update.

Black Desert Online Adds New High-Level Challenging Region, Ulukita, While Console Version Starts Giveaways

Pearl Abyss has a few big updates for Black Desert Online, including a brand new territory out today on PC. Black Desert Console is marking an anniversary with some giveaways.

Black Desert Console Gets Serpent Boss Imoogi Today, As Black Desert Mobile Adds Wizard Class

Black Desert Console has added Imoogi, the massive serpent boss that makes the 10th boss from the Land of the Morning Light expansion. Black Desert Mobile also has a big update, adding the new Wizard class.