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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Interview - Cross Play And Equalizing Content

We talk to Black Desert Lead Producer Jaehee Kim about bringing cross play to Black Desert Online's console versions, and the challenges in doing so.

Black Desert Online Shadow Arena Interview with the Devs

Black Desert Online recently expanded its content to include a new PvP game mode called Shadow Arena that brings battle royale to players. We had the opportunity to chat with Jae-hee Kim to learn more about why it was added and what it brings to both players and the game. Read on!

The Lore and More of BDO

German fansite BDO-Rollenspiel recently had a chat with Black Desert’s Project Director JaeHee Kim. Focused mainly on the lore of the world, including the upcoming Kamasylvia regions, the the classes and races, and the overall functionality of the game, we’re proud to present to you the English translation today.

Pearl Abyss Details the Striker, His Lore, and Teases his Awakening

The Striker lands today in Black Desert Online. The latest new class to hit the game, he focuses on using his fists and feet as his weapons of choice. He’s basically like Ken or Ryu from Street Fighter and that’s just awesome. We caught up with Pearl Abyss' Project Director JH Kim to ask him about the class and what’s next for BDO.

New Year’s Resolutions with Black Desert Online & Kakao Games

We’ll be running a series of brief interviews over the next few weeks focused on the games and companies of the MMO world, and what 2017 will bring. We’ve reached out to many, and the first one back to us with their answers was Black Desert Online and Kakao Games’ Rick Van Beem. Read on to see what they team learned from 2016, and what’s in store for 2017.

A Preview of Valencia's Desert and Sieges

Valencia is the next major content expansion coming to Black Desert Online soon, and in anticipation we spoke to Daum Games about the laundry list of new content, changes, and of course... sieges!

A Chat with Pearl Abyss and Daum Games

Black Desert Online is the newest darling in the MMORPG industry. Players are eager to learn what's next for the game, and what content they can expect over the coming months to catch the EU/NA client up to the KR one. We chatted with Daum Games EU and Pearl Abyss about just that, and have loads of info to share...

Daeil Kim On What Sets Their Game Apart

In recent weeks, Black Desert has been making people's heads turn. We managed to catch up to Daeil Kim to talk with him about what makes Black Desert so unique and different from any other MMO out there. See what the difference is before weighing in on the discussion in the comments.