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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online - Farming Up Gear

Avery takes you on the next part of his Black Desert Online journey, as he and his friends start to understand how the BDO grind works. Check out his latest column on the popular MMO.

Experiencing Black Desert Online For The First Time

Join Avery as he starts his journey in the world of Black Desert Online, breaking down his experiences in the popular MMORPG in a new bi-weekly column. This week - first impressions of the MMO.

Black Desert Xbox One Review in Progress: Gorgeous, Fun, and Overwhelming

Fans of PC Gaming and MMOs are likely already familiar with Black Desert Online - one of the best looking MMOs to hit the genre in quite some time - and have been enjoying the game for years now. I was severely addicted to WoW and then ESO so I never jumped in until I had the opportunity to review the recent release of Black Desert (minus the Online) on the Xbox One. I’ve spent a couple of weeks in the game now and I’m ready to give my thoughts on this gorgeous, but sometimes confusing, MMO from Pearl Abyss.


Waiting on the next cool game can be a little frustrating. Red Thomas tried a few in the last week and had some thoughts about why Black Desert Online remains a very viable game for sating gamers during the periodic digital dry spells.

The Dark Knight Rises

The long awaited Dark Knight class is coming to Black Desert today. Here are some early first impressions as I play around with the class in the KR server.

The Command Post - Zero Gravity

The Command Post delivers weekly updates on Black Desert’s siege wars and the resulting guild politics. In this week’s edition Gravity renames to Lunar, and Audacity’s alliance takes Mediah Castle.

The Command Post - Shifting Sands

The Command Post delivers weekly updates on Black Desert’s siege wars and the resulting guild politics. In this week’s edition ManUp takes Calpheon, Barcode holds Valencia, and WolvesofWar is no more.

The New Margoria Expansion is a Refreshing Change of Pace

This past week the Black Desert Online world grew much larger, adding an absolutely massive ocean in its newest expansion, Margoria. Here are my thoughts and first experiences playing around with this nautical content patch.

Do  You Enjoy Horse Breeding

Earlier in the week there was a Reddit post where the author discussed finally obtaining a Tier 8 Horse. Named Diablo, the community was rightly pleased for the individual. Tier 8 horses are bloody hard to come by. Although I was glad the player obtained such a horse, my first thought was, “I can’t be arsed!” rather than, “How?”

Are You Still Against Selling Pearl Items?

Last week I wrote about the change Pearl Abyss were making to their in-game store and the introduction of players being able to sell Pearl items on the Marketplace. The discussion on the topic, unsurprisingly, was pretty heated. Some welcomed the change, some loathed it and some insinuated that Daum outright lied to their consumers. Irrespective of the furore surrounding the controversial change, I’m keen to hear what your thoughts are now that it’s live.

Is it Now Pay to Win?

I’ve watched with interest the community reaction to the announcement by Daum that Pearl Shop items would soon be purchasable by players from the in-game Marketplace. Their argument in support of this change is that “regardless of the region, there will always be players who, for whatever reason, do not get to experience all the features Black Desert offers including Pearl Shop Items.

It’s The Journey That Matters

A Reddit thread caught my eye this morning with the topic titled “How hard would it be to start today and catch up and be competitive”. Despite some solid responses from the Black Desert Online community, I thought it was a particularly strange subject to raise and one that unearthed a variety of preconceived ideas as to what Black Desert Online is and what it’s offering.

What Do You Dislike The Most?

“I hate it. Absolutely bloody hate it.” said my brother. He was talking about the fact that enemies in Black Desert Online reveal nothing about themselves until you’ve killed multiple. Such a system is certainly different from the ‘norm’ and does take some getting used to. The first encounter I had with an enemy, I assumed the game was bugged for failing to reveal its health or deterioration as I peppered the creature with arrows.

The Node War Patch Falls Down, Goes Boom

Lewis Burnell is off this week taking a much deserved vacation, and it’s probably just as well since Black Desert Online’s latest patch is, for all intents and purposes… busted to hell. In this week’s column we’ll take stock of the situation at hand and try to gather just what went wrong and when we can expect fixes to hit the live servers.

I’d Welcome A True Support Class

As my last Black Desert Online column for a couple of weeks while I take a long overdue vacation, I thought I’d keep this outing much more light hearted. As much as I’d like to continue to bang the drum about exploiting or players abusing the game, I think that discussion has been well and truly flogged.