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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online Welcomes the Guardian to Xbox One and PS4

With her mighty axe, the Guardian swings onto the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Black Desert Online. As usual, with the arrival of a new character, login rewards will be provided to all players. That's not all, as new Succession skills have arrived for three more classes.

Black Desert Online Succession Update Hits Playstation 4 and Xbox One

The Succession update in Black Desert Online will encourage players to put away their Awakening weapons and utilize their original weapons, as they battle through several Succession quests. Succession is only available for the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger and Berserker, but will roll out to other classes later on.

Black Desert Confirms Playability on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

In a notice posted on the official Black Desert site, Pearl Abyss assuaged fears that new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 owners would indeed be able to play on the new consoles the day they bring them home. The announcement did, however, seem less confident in the Playstation 5's ability to run the game as it is today.

Black Desert Online Receiving Several New Events

Kakao Games has announced a host of new events for the rest of this month in Black Desert.

Black Desert Online - Pearl Abyss Celebrates Their 10-Year Anniversary

Pearl Abyss, the developer behind the popular game Black Desert is celebrating their 10-year anniversary. In their release notice, they've provided some very interesting numbers regarding how popular Black Desert has become.

Black Desert Online - Hashashin Receives Awakening Skill on Consoles, Anniversary Rewards Available

If you've been waiting for the Hashashin class on console to receive his Awakening Abilities, wait no longer! The Hashashin receives their Awakening skills today in Black Desert Online.

Hashashin Pre-Creation Coming To Black Desert Online Remastered

Black Desert Online Remastered fans who have been awaiting the Hashashin character in the West need not wait much longer. Pre-creation for the new character class is coming next week to the PC version, with the class itself launching on September 2nd.

Padix Island Receives a Major Revamp In Latest Black Desert Patch

Black Desert has seen a major revamp for Padix Island in its latest patch. Here are the details.

Black Desert Free Play Weekend Underway on Xbox

Black Desert is hosting free play days on Xbox currently underway. Here are the details.

Tier 8 Horses and Courses System Hitting Black Desert Online in Next Update

Tier 8 horses along with a Courser system are set to arrive in Black Desert Online in the next update. Here's what you need to know.

Defeat Laytenn in Black Desert Online's Attack on Laytenn Event

Defeat the Laytenn and earn rewards in Black Desert Online's Attack on Laytenn event currently underway.

Black Desert Online Reveals New Hashashin Class

The Hashashin class for Black Desert has been revealed, along with additional roadmap 2020 details. Here's what you need to know.

Black Desert Online Adds New Papua Crinea Island and Storyline

Today, Black Desert Online has introduced the new Papua Crinea Island and accompanying storyline.

Black Desert Online Maintenance Today Brings End to Several Events

Maintenance for Black Desert scheduled for later today will see the end of several events.

Black Desert Console Receives Great Ocean Margoria Region

Black Desert on console is set to receive the Great Ocean of Magoria region today, roughly doubling the size of the world.