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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online Talks New And Upcoming Quality of Life Updates to Storage, Inventory, and More

Black Desert Online has recently gotten some new quality of life updates and the team is working on several upcoming ones that will affect storage, inventory, and more.

Black Desert Online Fixes Classes, Starts Events, While Pearl Abyss Claims 230% Increase in New Daily Players

Black Desert Online's latest update starts new events while the rebooted classes get some fixes and support. Pearl Abyss is noting some significant growth in new daily players.

Black Desert Console Has Character Reset Update Delayed Until Further Notice

The planned update for Black Desert Console, which would bring about the extensive character class reboots, has been postponed until further notice.

Black Desert Console Gets Class Reboots and Full Resets After This Week's Maintenance

Black Desert Console will be following the PC in getting a full slate of class reboots. The maintenance will happen on January 5th, and also means that characters will have all of their skills reset.

Black Desert Online Welcomes the Winter Season With All-New Complete Class Reboots

 The latest update to Black Desert Online is the promised huge end of the year update that opens up the winter season and  reboots all 17 classes in the game.

Black Desert Online Rebooting All Classes This Month, and New Mountain of Eternal Winter Region Announced

There were many big announcements this weekend from Pearl Abyss at the CalpheON Ball community event. Black Desert Online will be getting a brand new region next year and a complete major class overhaul will happen on December 22nd.

Black Desert Online Daylight Saving Schedule Change Announced, While Black Desert Mobile Gets the Sage

There will be a temporary but potentially confusing scheduling shift for Black Desert Online as Daylight Saving Time begins happenign in Europe and North America.

Explore the Spooky Playground for Rewards in Black Desert Online's Halloween Event

Black Desert Online's Halloween event begins today. You'll be able to explore the spooky playground, start a new themed quest, and earn some pretty great rewards.

Black Desert Online Opens Scars of the Abyss Dungeon Sycrakea, Part Two of Atoraxxion Dungeon

Black Desert Online opens the second section of the Atoraxxion co-op dungeon: the underwater Scars of the Abyss dungeon Sycrakea.

Black Desert Online's Big New Update Sets Up New Season+ in October

Black Desert Online has gotten a very large update full of major changes from new gear sets and stats, class overhauls, crafting tool repair, and quality of life changes.

Black Desert Online Event Rewards New & Returning Players

If you haven't logged into Black Desert Online for a while, or if you're new to the game, there's an event going on right now that rewards both new players and returning players who haven't logged in for a while.

Black Desert Console Roadmap for the Rest of 2021 is Packed!

There's a brand new update from Black Desert's Je-seok Jang, the Head of Black Desert Game Design laying out an extensive roadmap for what to expect for the console version of the game during the rest of 2021. 

Black Desert Online Revamps Conquest War Performance

Black Desert Online is revamping Conquest War with upscaled graphics and new updates based on community feedback. The new update also sets things up for a couple of other events this month aside from the popular territory battles.

Black Desert PlayStation Anniversary Weekend Playtime Event Live

The PlayStation Anniversary Weekend Playtime challenges are live in Black Desert Online giving you chances to earn rewards.

Black Desert Console Players Can Grab a Free Gift Pack August 25

People generally like free things. And if you play Black Desert on console, you can pick up a free gift pack on August 25.